ERIKA DE CASIER Releases new single ‘Drama’

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ERIKA DE CASIER Releases new single 'Drama'
Photo Credit Gloria Berenice Moreno

Today, Erika de Casier serves up another dose of minimalist R&B with second new single, ‘Drama’. The song, the Copenhagen-based songwriter and producer says, centres around recognising and acknowledging one’s dramatic tendencies – “you know how sometimes you overthink or misinterpret a situation and act in a less reasonable manner.”

Of the song’s companion video which was directed by and starring de Casier, she says, “I wanted to create a sort of evil twin or alter ego of myself because you’re not entirely yourself when you’re in the violence of your own emotions.”

Born in Portugal and raised in Denmark, Erika de Casier initially made her mark as an ally of the Regelbau collective (home to Danish house acts DJ Sports, C.K and Central) before writing, co-producing and releasing debut album, Essentials, through her own Independent Jeep label. Her take on 90s/00s R&B became a slow-burn success story and Essentials graced Best of 2019 lists at Mixmag, Gorilla vs. Bear, FACT, Dummy, and Crack Magazine. Since signing to 4AD last year, de Casier has released the single ‘No Butterflies, No Nothing’, and was named in The Guardian and Clash Magazine’s New Artists for 2021. She is currently working on her second album.

Erika de Casier – ‘Drama’ is out now via 4AD / Remote Control Records.
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