DRUID Purge With Lascerating Single ‘HANG IN THERE (IT GETS WORSE)’

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Previous support for Druid
‘DTHBLW’ Music Video Premiered via Knotfest
‘DTHBLW’ added to Spotify’s Homegrown and Heavy Playlist


“Druid are re-writing the definition, bringing heaviness to the world in the form of their new breed of nu-metal/metalcore machinations.” (Maniacs)
“Damn, this goes hard! Intensity dialed up and the riffs are searing.” 

(Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed)


Australian metalcore outfit Druid are armed with their latest single, ‘HANG IN THERE (IT GETS WORSE)’, out on May 12th. Packaged in Druid’s unflinching style, the volatile track is an exploration of mental health issues and the inner struggles that come with them.

Since releasing their debut EP in 2019 and then a stack of singles, Druid has cemented themselves in the Australian heavy scene, sharing the stage with the likes of Void Of VisionAlpha WolfThe Beautiful MonumentSuspryiaEarthcallerLuneDiamond Construct, and many more.

Now, ‘HANG IN THERE (IT GETS WORSE)’ is Jordan Williams’ – Druid’s co-lead vocalist – reflection of his own experiences with depression and other mental health issues. Paired with his hostile vocal delivery, the song’s lyrics are a brutally honest and a representation of the weight and pressure that come with such struggles – adding to the purging, fiery feel of the track.

Aligning with the song’s dark themes, ‘HANG IN THERE (IT GETS WORSE)’ is an intense and cathartic composition, tied together with lacerating riffs and breakdowns that are unrelenting. While the chrous is a reference to Bring Me The Horizon’s 2008 album ‘Suicide Season’, it also hints that Williams’ mental health issues have been a part of his life since a young age.

Druid’s previous blood-boiling releases have received support from the likes of Triple J (The Racket)Triple M’s Hard and HeavyHysteria, and Maniacs, the band also found success featuring on Spotify’s Homegrown and Heavy Playlist.

Furthrmore, their single ‘DTHBLW’ was premiered via Knotfest, which later landed them a spot on Knotfest’s Pulse of the Maggots streaming festival, headlined by Hero The Hero.

With its powerful and honest lyrics, volatile vocals, and explosive energy, this track is a must-hear for fans of heavy music. Druid release ‘HANG IN THERE (IT GETS WORSE)’ on Friday, May 12.


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