BAD PARTY Deliver Shattering Mix Of Metal And EDM In New Single ‘Want It’

by the partae

“Monster sound from Bad Party who push this one into overdrive real quick”
4/5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed) [About ‘I’ll Be Fine’]

“That verse surges in like a freakin’ tidal wave! Energy and power is off the charts”
4/5 (Abby Butler, Triple J) [About ‘I’ll Be Fine’]

“Possessing a catchy-as-hell chorus, ‘Sinking In’ is both well constructed and avoids any of the standard tropes of modern metalcore, carried mostly by the melodies laid down by frontman Henry Epong.” (Hysteria Mag)


Originating from the Meanjin/Brisbane EDM scene, Bad Party rose from the depth of 2020. A vision to marry metal and EDM, the four-piece have kicked goals and welcome 2023 with their newest single ‘Want It’ and accompanying music video, out May 12.

‘Want It’ teases with a touch of trance-inducing EDM before shattering into hard and fast heavy rock riffs. The single unleashes a barrage of sound that showcases the impressive abilities of the band, with emphatic drums, crushing guitars, and aggressive bass lines all coming together to form a formidable wall of noise.

Explosive and upbeat, Henry Epong’s vocals pack a punch and soar through the cathartic chorus. The intricate drumming and driving guitar riffs are anything but understated, combining to create a powerful and intense listening experience of high-octane energy punctuated with flashes of EDM that add an extra layer of excitement to the mix.

Raw with emotion, ‘Want It’ reflects desire and lust. Consumed with an obsession for someone or something, the grittiness of emotion seeps through the track. Punchy and to the point, the single captures the difficulty of self-reflection on the feeling.

From their first releases ‘Welcome To The Party’ and ‘Run’ in early 2021, Bad Party has gained a passionate following. Dropping their 6-track EP ‘Beyond Repair’ in 2022, the outfit have seen support from Triple JTriple J Unearthed and Hysteria Mag.

Selling out King Lear’s Throne in Brisbane for their first on-stage performance, the band supported Banks Arcade for their sold-out Brisbane show in February, and performed at AM/PM Emo Night alongside Clay J Gladstone.

Not slowing down, ‘Want It’ (out May 12) is only the first drop of the year for Bad Party.

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