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DJ GOMI: Kazuhiko Gomi MIKE:  Mike Ivy SARAH: Born Sarah Kate Sporleder and Sarah Mattea comes from my great great aunt Deensha Matthee who was a famous Opera singer in Czechoslovakia during the days of Vaudeville. I slightly changed the spelling and Mattea means “Gift of God” or “God’s Gift” in Hebrew.      How did you all three come together for this special collaboration?  Mike & Gomi had great success on previous collaborations together in recent years, and we all came together in 2019 to do “Touch” which was released on Toolroom Trax under Sarah's moniker Luv Junkie.  Mike & Gomi wanted Sarah to sing this new cool track they produced and of course, She was all in as a Sarah Mattea release instead of Luv Junkie for this one. What's been happening recently and how has your Covid experience been? SARAH: That’s a loaded question it’s been quite a year!  So much has happened for all of us.   It has certainly made it hard to get in the studio with everyone. Right now, it is all about building back our communities and making sure our loved ones stay safe. MIKE & GOMI:  It has been tough at times, working on music and taking things day by day. Many gigs have died down or basically disappeared with quarantine, but we do the best with what we have and stay creative at home or in the studio safely. As a collab the three of you have written the single 'What U Do' how did you all decide on the direction to take the songwriting? Mike & Gomi had this incredible track and we all got together for a writing session back in July 2020.  Sarah had these two song ideas on her voice notes that fit perfectly so we mashed those together and added some adlibs along with all the magic! What influenced the sound and songwriting? Sarah was in Ibiza when she wrote those two song ideas, giving Mike and Gomi the idea of taking that ibiza sound influence to the track and the melodies flowed perfectly.  How did you all go about writing What U Do? We were in Gomi’s studio just throwing around ideas to the track him and Mike created, and it was truly a group effort. Each of us have our creative forte’s and it really makes for a perfect production when we all come together. Where and when did you record/produce/master and who did you work with? Gomi’s studio and all the above were done by the three of us. How did the recording/production process take place? Mike & Gomi wanted a vocal on this track idea and I was excited to work with them again. What programs/equipment/instruments did you use? MIKE/GOMI: Logic Pro, UAD Apollo, Avalon compressor, Neumann microphone, some Roland gear, Korg M1, Fabfilter plugins, UAD plugins, and many other plugins, some drum samples from splice. What did you find most challenging and rewarding during the writing and recording/production process?   COVID made it a little challenging, but we put this together and recorded it in one night. Mike & Gomi spent some time on the production of course, but we always have a great time in the studio, laughing, sharing ideas and bouncing around our ideas. Will you all be working together in the future on more music?  Yes, Mike & Gomi already have a track that they are waiting on Sarah to get in the studio to put my vocals on for the next LUV JUNKIE project! Who are you listening to at the moment? GOMI: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven MIKE: I have an eclectic taste and variety of genres so just about everything depending on the mood. SARAH: I have a huge spectrum of styles that I like to listen to, so I toggle my Pandora between the top pop radio hits, old school R&B and house music stations. What do you like to do away from music? SARAH: Real estate career by day and love to coach young women in gymnastics and fitness.   I also give my time to local charities such as Sing for Hope and New York Cares. GOMI: Go to the gym and exercise. MIKE : Hanging with my family, watching movies, going out and spending time together.  What's planned for What U Do and the remainder of 2021? Purple Tea has some great plans for the release….. So play it loud and hopefully get some summer performances/gigs!  We certainly hope the fans love it, grab a copy and stream it on all platforms worldwide!  Favourite food and place to hangout? GOMI:Ramen shop- ICHIRAN in Brooklyn. MIKE:I’m a foodie so there’s too many to mention but I love Astoria and Williamsburg in NYC, where you have a great variety of cuisines. SARAH: SUSHI!  SugarFish in Union Square is one of my favorites but hanging out anywhere that’s outside right now perfect ha!  Long Island City boardwalk and Central Park are probably my favorite places now that it is warming up but cannot wait until the pool parties start back up or indoor venues so I can support all my DJ friends and dance my bum off!

Canada – Being Canadian, hockey plays a very important part in our lives obviously (Go Habs Go!). Nothing is prettier to watch than a star-studded first line, that has been at it together for a while. That skill, that chemistry, the timing. It’s a thing of beauty.

For those of you, probably most, that don’t know anything about our beautiful sport, you can think of it as Football (Soccer for us and our pals down south) on ice. Add 10 km/h and 80-100 lbs per player compared to Football. Give them carbon fiber sticks (twigs) that fire vulcanized rubber at speeds approaching 200 km/h, steel blades (wheels), a smaller field (rink), oh and body contact is not only allowed but actually encouraged. You got a problem with “buddy on the other team eh? Well ya drop the gloves and settle it in a good ol’ fashion donnybrook. Now that you have some bearings, lets talk shop.

In hockey you traditionally have 4 lines of 3 players, playing offence. Each line takes turns, or shifts, because hockey is played in short sprints at full speed. You have your fourth line which is usually compromised of goons and plugs. Guys and Gals that aren’t the most skilled, but are very hard working, won’t score much or even at all, but they take pride in not getting scored on and are good at that. They are the sandpaper on the team. The skill goes up until you reach the first line, your top line.

The House Music First Line

This is the get shit done line. Need a goal in overtime, line 1 get out there. We have assembled our version of a house music first line.

DJ Gomi: House Music Veteran

Down the middle, we have DJ Gomi. Center is arguably the most important position in hockey, that or goaltending, but that’s for another writeup. Centers need to play smarter and harder, they need to be able to see the puck better than anyone, they dictate the offense, but also have to be able to collapse back on defense quicker than their two other wingers. DJ Gomi, is a veteran of the house music sport. An absolute legend in the music industry period. Having played his college house music at powerhouse Berklee, and having influences by none other than Quincy Jones. The discography alone is enough to make you understand this guy is business. Having produced, programmed, written, remixed for the likes of Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Rupaul, oh and our very own national treasure Celine Dion (big hockey fan). What about house music? Oh no biggie there just worked with the likes of Satoshi Tomiie, Junior Vasquez, Kenny Dope, and label regular and fellow first liner Mike Ivy.

Mike Ivy: Power Forward, Power House

This brings us to left-wing, Mike Ivy. Mike needs no introduction to those of you who have been following the label or the house scene. Following his monstrous release with us “Get On”. He’s been a man on a mission. What hasn’t this man accomplished in our industry? With releases on Toolroom Trax, Flashmob, and Nervous just to cite a few, this natural power forward gets in front of the net to open up scoring opportunities for his fellow line-mates. Mike is what we like to refer to as a natural goal scorer. That’s a lot of muscle so far, every first line needs some finesse, some speed, and passing.

Sarah Mattea: Soul Speedster

Enter right wing, Sarah Mattea. This wingers speed up and down the boards give this line the balance that final, devastating blow that leads opposing lines in the dust. With appearances on top of Billboard, this vocalists sultry voice gives to tracks a sexy edge, her hooks get burnt into your brain. Her voice is a weapon and she knows it.

What U do – NYC Trio

Now we know more about this dynamic trio, this all NYC hookup, gives us this instant classic. With beefy drums that swing to the absolutely gorgeous vocals, that bounce around the hypnotic house music chord progression. You can almost feel and hear each artists contribution to this belter, a feat that can sometimes be lost in transition.

Coming to a rink Near you…

This first line is coming to score some goals in clubs, living rooms, cars near you. I would suggest you grab a copy now, to review the film, if not they might just leave you in the dust as they have many times in the past.


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