Coco Elise will leave a devine aroma to your day with their release, ‘Wish you’d show’ ahead of their debut EP

by the partae

The band’s release ahead of their debut EP after supporting Ken Paulo, Young Robin and Noah Dillion. Previous press support from AAA Backstage, Australian Music Scene, SYN Radio, RTR FM and various radios in Australia. 

Lead Singer: Josh Ellis 

Perth/Boorloo based band Coco Elise are releasing their flavour filled single ‘Wish you’d show’.

‘Wish you’d show‘, the lead single of the EP ‘Brian’s view’ is a unique and creative work showcasing Ellis’ crisp falsetto tones of his vocals and the instrumental talents in the band.

Chances are if you are around the Perth live music scene you’ve heard of Coco Elise – composed of lead singer Josh Ellis, Isaiah Quintana,  Harry Playford and Seb Price. Bringing an indie pop sound which has had them supporting acts such as Ken Paolo & The Space Cadets, Spici Water, Airline Food, Young Robin & Noah Dillon, establishing themselves as one of Perth’s hidden Jewels.

The track list for the EP is as follows:

Shower in the daytime

Brian’s views

Sun may shine

Wish you’d show

In their own words, “Wish you’d show is a short love song about being somewhere and wanting a certain person to comeIt’s probably the most accessible song we have and definitely the easiest to understand lyrically.”

When asked who is Brian? Ellis states that it is a mystery; maybe that’s up to you to decide, but one thing is for sure: Coco Elise’s EP will take you in a whole other dimension, a whole other vibe and with a whole new view (AKA Brian’s View).




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