BAE BARACUS Release ‘People’

by the partae

Available on all streaming platforms, April 19 2024, via Boomsmack Records DK UPC: 198471127880 

ISRC: CAGH82400008 

West Coast, Canada-based post-punk sparkle-disco trio Bae Baracus are back with a new  electronic dance single ‘People’ 

‘People’ is a dreamy soulful earworm, thanks to its simple refrain with a simple  message: If one thing unites us, it’s that we’re all blindly moving in lockstep into  the future, all headed for the same final destination.


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Dolly De Guerre: Lead Vocals 

Clef Seeley: Beats, Keys 

Lin Gardiner: Beats, Keys 

Written by Bent, Seeley, Gardiner 

Produced & Mixed by Lin Gardiner @ The Sound Garden Retreat Studios 

Mastered by Ohan Vandermeer @ Dialled In Audio 

Cover Photo: Mealnes Laberge 

Cover Design: Wai-Yung Akdoğu 

© Boomsmack Records, 2024 

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