Anty! releases debut album ‘Rudeboy’ out today

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Anty! releases debut album 'Rudeboy' out today
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Pile Rats on Rudeboy ” It’s kind-of reminiscent to that carefree and light-hearted spoken word you’d expect from Mike Skinner’s The Streets; bounding reggae and hip-hop like melodies forming an underlay for that half-rapping, half-singing, half-speaking vocal pace. It’s an album that’s designed to take you out of the mania of the current day”

“This is reggae hip hop and it’s out of control,” Anty sings, two minutes into Rudeboy, his debut album.

A sound only briefly alluded to in his previous works, Rudeboy is boldly unique from start to finish. Drawing from the innovative reggae sounds of Jamaican producer Mikey Dread to the stream of consciousness poetry of The Streets, Mike Skinner, Rudeboy wouldn’t be out of place in a dive bar or a dance hall.

Having travelled the world, released four full-length albums, and played countless major festivals fronting The Bennies. Anty used the break of 2020 to  hone his craft and deliver an unbelievably accomplished debut solo LP.

Lyrically, the album is positively party and just what the world needs in 2020. No regrets and living in the moment. “Rules are rules, they are meant to be broken,” he sings on Officer, in what is an apt description to his mash up approach to music making.

At 16 tracks in total, and almost as many genres, Rudeboy is out today on Melbourne label Disdain Records.

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