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Where are you currently based?

At the moment I’m based in Woking, just south of London. Not much going on here unfortunately compared to Brighton where I’d previously lived for 4 years before that. Currently looking to move further into London or maybe up north to Manchester!

How did you first start playing music?

I mean I first stared DJ’ing and playing out in early 2017, because up until then I had no clue how to mix and was solely a producer. I was aware of how important it is to be able to DJ as well as make bangers if you wanted to make a living out of all of it, and my music started to get some attention around that time so it was only natural. 

What’s been happening recently?

Not a lot haha. Same for everyone I suppose. I’ve been keeping myself really busy though and have been crazy productive over the last 4 months or whatever it’s been now. Lost count at this point. I’ve made a silly amount of music, a lot of which with vocalists and features which previously I hadn’t delved too much into. So overall my production has improved massively I feel and I reckon I’m easily making the best music I’ve ever made atm. 

You’ve been a main stayer and champion of UK Bassline for years, how did you first become involved and what do you attribute to your success?

I first broke into the scene through this competition in the summer of 2016. This group called bass music group on Facebook called Lengoland hosted the first-ever ‘war dubs’, a knockout competition where producers basically went head to head with each other to see who could make the better/crazier tune, which then went down to a vote. There were a few spaces left so I thought fuck it what’s the worst that can happen, I’ve not got anything else going on. I’d only ever made like 2 bass tunes before this so was a bit sceptical but ended up getting to the semi-finals and having 3 of the 4 tunes I made released as free downloads, which is where it all kicked off really! Quite lucky to be honest as if it wasn’t for me just going for it and that group even existing, I don’t think I’d be doing what I’m doing now to be honest. 

Please tell us about how your sound is progressing through experimentation:

You’ve basically answered the question yourself there! That is exactly how my sound is progressing and evolving. Through experimentation and the intent to try make stuff that sounds different to everyone else. That’s always what I’ve tried to do. Whilst of course keeping things familiar to the UK bass sound and genre so it can appeal to a wider audience as well. 

Where and when did you produce and what programs/instruments did you use?

I actually made the main melody that the whole track is based around in Skepsis’ studio whilst we were trying to come up with a 2nd tune. We’d finished Hijack and were tryna work separately just to get ideas going and I made that riff sitting on his couch. We didn’t manage to do anything with it so he just told me to use it myself, and I’d already wrote the lyrics for 1 more a weeks before so I just thought alright let’s try get these to work together, and they did! I produce on Logic and have done since day 1 so that’s what I used. Mainly use Serum for all my bases and then just a whole range of different sounds, plugins, instruments and samples to make the rest of the track. 

Who are you listening to at the moment?

No one in particular to be fair, but if i were to pick my favourite 3 tracks atm they’d be: 

Shaun Dean & Harry Tremlett – The Sound (did you know)

Alcemist & EJ Kitto – The Plan

Mella Dee – Dev Green

Please tell us about your new single ‘1 More’ Feat EJ Kitto, what influenced the sound and songwriting and how did you come to work with EJ Kitto?

I’ve been working on it since January and it’s been a right pain to mix down, so now it’s done and is getting released I am buzzing. The track is supposed to be from a ravers point of view, early in the morning deep into the crowd surrounded by his/her mates, in what feels like a complete haze of tunes, drinks, smoke and lasers. The lyrics are supposed to just encapsulate what it’s like to go to a UK bass music event. They all finally decide to leave and go back to their mate’s house to continue the party. Me and Emma actually chat loads before without me even realising as she used to run a UK Bass promo page on Instagram where I’d send her videos to upload. It was only when I put out a Facebook status asking for a female vocalist with a London accent that my mate told me she was looking for features and would be ideal for the tune, which she was. She brings exactly what I asked for which is amazing. A spoken word kind of London accent – the main inspiration being Redlight and how he usually has similar female vocal lines on his tracks.Where and when did you produce and what programs/instruments did you use?

You’ve got some big records coming up in the next few months, please tell us more:

I can’t give too much away, but some of my next releases for the rest of the year include a tune with Bru-C, and one with Window Kid, a single release on Dr Fresch’s label, a single release on Chris Lorenzo’s label, and a 2 track dnb release. Its gonna be a wicked few months in terms of music.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Steak and chips with stupid amounts of peppercorn sauce. Can’t beat it. Favourite place to hangout has got to be Brighton. Got so much love for that city as its basically where the whole Zero project started and grew in the early days. Best city in the UK, especially in the summer.

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