The Yule Brothers ‘I Am On Fire’ Premiere

by the partae
The Yule Brothers Premiere

There is no bond stronger than family; there is no feeling better than when a song hits just right. The Yule Brothers are a marriage of those simple concepts. Unbreakable and defiantly alternative, their anthemic style of Singer-Songwriter Indie Rock is genuine and bold. Born in the logging town of Prince George, BC, Canada Darby and Erin Yule have accomplished more in 7 years through pure-grit and a love for the craft than those with more at their disposal do in a lifetime.

In the summer of 2020, they went back into the studio with their friend Karl Dicare to do what they do best, record real and honest music. This time with a twist though; Darby and Erin were only going to work with their friends. No big names, no flashy studio musicians, just people they honestly loved being around. These new songs are made completely from the heart with a team that has as much passion as Darby and Erin do. Erin’s girlfriend Courtney even did the front cover. The Yule Brothers are pleased to announce their ambitious new single I Am On Fire, produced by Karl Dicare.

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