YAWDOESITALL brings more heat on new single ‘TEST DRIVE’, featuring TAWANDA

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YAWDOESITALL brings more heat on new single 'TEST DRIVE', featuring TAWANDA

Linking up with fellow Sydney lyricist TawandaYawdoesitall makes his return for 2021 with a heater of a new track in ‘Test Drive’. Following on from a busy year of plotting and releasing new music, 2021 is setting itself up to be one of Yaw’s largest yet, with ‘Test Drive’ kicking off a bright new chapter of creativity.

Between the two rappers, Yaw and Tawanda share a confidence that breathes life into their own individual music and together? They’re a match made in heaven as ‘Test Drive’ showcases their talents as performers and as a dynamic duo.

The single is built on a beat supplied by producer Miinor, a snapping arrangement that allows both artists to vibe out with ease. With the recording laid down at Sydney’s New Age Studio, Yaw and Tawanda built off early ideas they shared about the perceptions of success when it comes to a rap career, and what the realities of it can actually be.

“This is a fun song we made right before my solo show at Oxford [Art Factory] in 2020. Contrary to popular belief, we felt being a rapper came with a demand to have it all and own all the coolest stuff. With ‘Test Drive’, we say “Pull up with a Chevy/And it not mine”, as we debunk these flashy expectations by actually stating the struggle of being cool, but having to borrow or rent some of the stuff we use. A mockery, but also a fun way to go back and forth with Tawanda, verse by verse. This is such a different track for me and validates my ability to jump on every record and still keep it Yaw.” Yawdoesitall

Though 2020 meant Yaw had to postpone plans to unveil new live shows for fans, he kept busy in remaining at the forefront of our attention with the release of both ‘Get It’ and ‘ARMADILLO’, as well as being named one of the BIGSOUND 50 for the year. Promising indications that this young talented artist wasn’t being held back by restrictions outside his control, the music has continued to be refined and prepared behind the scenes; while Yaw’s first shows for 2021 are lining up to be some special hometown events this March.


“You paint such a lyrical picture, especially Maina’s chorus. I can see the scene in my mind’s eye, the relationships and the mood. A dream-duo if ever I’ve seen one.”
Triple J Unearthed, Tommy Faith (‘ARMADILLO’, 2020)

“While Yawdoesitall has been turning heads thanks to his mesmerising compositions for a couple of years now, there’s no denying that the best is still yet to come.”

“…the new cut is a sharp image of a young artist steady proving himself more than ready to rise through the ranks of Australia’s hip hop scene.”
The AU Review


Tuesday, March 24th The Vanguard Sydney
with special guests
‘Test Drive’ is out now.
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