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Where did it all start for you? Is there a particular artist you can remember first hitting you with inspiration to start exploring music as a career?

.I’ve always been intrigued about music and the art of performing but I think it kicked off after high school, learning how to make beats with goals to perform the stuff that I make one day. I grew up in Ghana so a lot of my influences came from Ghanaian musicians. i then got heavily into Tinie tempah and then also got into Christian rapper Lecrae. I also vividly remember discovering Miracle (who goes by Blessed now), and like another Ghanaian brother making music in Australia, I was so inspired and introduced more to hip hop and music than ever. After that is when the discovery of the j Coles and Kendrick Lamars came into picture and solidified the inspirations more. 

You have been involved in not just music, but different artistic mediums – was this a natural progression of interests for you, or did you find being involved in one thing (music, say) led to another (photography, say)?

 Photography and film became something I picked up over time and realised I was good at it. For a couple of years, these were the more professional side of me but I worked closely with a lot of musicians and artists. Music has always been around but I never felt ready as I was still learning. I think music then overshadowed as I realised there’s a stronger passion and there’s more room to learn and grow. I think with Photography and film I did it well for payment but with music, I made it regardless of what it could bring. 

It’s been interesting but the good thing is that now, Music is the centre and every other creative endeavour surrounds it. 

The latest single with Tawanda marks a slight change up in vibe and execution when it comes to the music we’ve heard from you. What makes ‘Test Drive’ a significant entry in the new body of work you’re set to unveil in 2021?

Test drive solidifies my ability to be versatile. I never saw myself going this lane with the music I make and I think after that I realised I could jump and make any track and still keep it Yaw. Every other release including features has also been slightly different. I guess Yaw really does it all

You’re based in Sydney – what’s the scene like there at the moment when it comes to the support for fresh hip hop names on the come up? What’s exciting you the most about being part of it all?

The scene is interesting. I think there’s way too many talents available that the people are not ready for so it’s taking time. I think I cherish content more and I think the noise sells more than the developing talents and creativity that is coming up. But also I think we’re such a growing scene so there’s hope for what it could be. I’m just glad to share my art with the city and world

Do you think your aims for making music and art have changed heaps/any from when you first started? If so, in what ways?

I think it’s changed a bit. I’ve always wanted to perform on big stages and I think that is bound to happen. But I think I’m more focused about purpose and enjoying what I do now and impact more than being heard. And that’s is definitely a growth that changed my goal 

2020 was trash all round, but what did you learn about yourself and your artistry as a result?

I learnt that the time to be great is now. And also the time to create is now. There might not be the freedom to do what you wanna do. 

We’re no doubt going to be hearing more from Yawdoesitall as 2021 rolls on out; what’s surprised you the most about the way your artistry has developed and how are we set to hear that in the music?

What surprised me is the kind of music I’m making. I never thought it could branch and be this huge thing that has multiple hands involved. I think I’m more than just a rapper and you’re gonna feel it.

The faces of Australian hip hop look hella different now to how they did even 10 years ago – which is really exciting. Do you think this change is permanent?

Yessir, I think change is important.  Perhaps not permanent but its evolving and I’m here for all of it.

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