Xavier Rudd – Thornbury Theatre

by the partae

The first time that I saw Xavier play was in Melbourne at the Corner Hotel in the early 2000’s, back when you could still smoke indoors.  You’re not allowed to smoke inside anymore but on this evening there was plenty of smoking going around and not of the tobacco kind.  Fast forward to 2018 and Xavier still looks as robust as ever and even treated us by bringing along 3 new super talented band members for the ride.  Driving bass, pumping tribal drums and a keyboard player that’s come straight outta hell! With this newly formed band, and this show being only the 3rd time they have played together, Xavier’s sound has been taken to a whole new Cyclone Xavier ROAR!

Xavier took us on a whirlwind tour of many different instruments showing his fine musical skills that only constant touring will ever produce.  You would never guess that the band has been recently formed, as the energy between all the band members was electric and no one missed a beat, the two hour performance was truly mesmerising.  Xavier engaged with the crowd regularly and spread the message of love with his songs and with his words whilst talking between songs,  as a consequence everyone certainly became a little bit more loved up.

It’s amazing that after all the years that Xavier is still playing and looking better than ever and continues to improve and flourish more and more as time goes on.


Words & Photography: Chris Brooks


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