THE WRECKS release new single “Where Are You Now” ft. girlhouse Announce sophomore album Sonder out June 10 via ONErpm

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The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig which defines made up words for indescribable emotions classifies the neologism “sonder” as the “profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passing in the street, has a life as complex as one’s own.” The Wrecks’ vocalist/producer Nick Anderson landed on “Sonder” as the title of their sophomore album. The third single off the album, the pondering “Where Are You Now” featuring girlhouse, is out today and Anderson says the song’s creation process “haunted [him] for almost two years.” 

Though Anderson says he wrote the “Where Are You Now” chorus only two weeks after their last album Infinitely Ordinary came out in May 2020, the final pieces to the track – Billy Nally’s live drums and the feature from girlhouse – were only added this past March. “The drums made it come to life, and Lauren Luiz’s part glues the whole track together. I love her voice and music, and I’m so happy with how this feature turned out,” he exclaims. 

The band’s most recent singles, the sparkling post-breakup anthem “Lone Survivor” and liberating alt-rock track “I Love This Part,” showcase that they’ve fully honed-in on and embraced their characteristic genre bending alt-rock, as well as having evolved and matured their sounds for this triumphal venture of a sea. Anderson says that experimenting with minor keys and calculated lyrics “Opened up [their] writing process. I’d say our lyrics have always been honest and vulnerable, and not only was I able to depend on that narrative compass once again, but I found it taking me to a whole new place this time creatively

Earlier this month The Wrecks announced their headlining Better Than Ever tour featuring support from girlhouse and Mothé. Kicking off in Fresno on June 10, the tour will visit Seattle, Chicago, Brooklyn, Atlanta, and more before concluding on July 23 in Los Angeles. Multiple shows have already sold out and second nights have been added in both L.A. on July 22 and San Francisco on June 10. The band will also be playing Milwaukee’s long-running Summerfest on June 24. 


Sonder follows the release of the band’s 2016 debut EP We Are The Wrecks (their first single “Favorite Liar” currently has 36 million + streams on Spotify), their 2018 Panic Vertigo EP, their 2020 Static EP as well as their 2020 debut LP Infinitely Ordinary (58 million + streams on Spotify).


The Wrecks continue to rack up the massive fan base that has already given their top five singles on Spotify over 80 million listens. Poised for a wide-open road ahead of them, Nick Anderson and The Wrecks continue to charge into the limelight. Not too shabby for a kid from Wellsville, just two hours south of nowhere. 


The Wrecks begun as vocalist/producer Nick Anderson’s sole endeavour and has since been rounded out by Aaron Kelley (bass), Nick “Schmizz” Schmidt (guitar) and Billy Nally (drums). The Wrecks also collaborated on a select number of tracks off Sonder with producers Westen Weiss (Meek Mill, Camila Cabello, Post Malone) and Dillon Deskin (Flo Rida, Will Sparks, Different Heaven, Myrne) to expand their sound.


“The Wrecks’ mix of ‘don’t quit’ and ‘who cares’ mentality seems to be setting them on the right track.” 


“Alt-rock band The Wrecks continue their 2022 with yet another jaw-dropping single that showcases their multifaceted and unparalleled talent.”

Ones To Watch 

“This is alt-rock on fire. Burn, babies, burn.”


“Catchy, boisterous, clever.” 




Sonder is out June 10 via ONErpm

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