Western Sydney star SHYJANA releases exhilarating new single ‘TOP SPOT’

by the partae

Building a successful music career in Australia can be difficult, even more so in Western Sydney – but artist SHYJANA, has been defying all odds – and not even her house burning down will stop her from getting to the top.
For many, going through an ordeal like witnessing your house and all your possessions burning to ashes would mean giving up on your dreams, but not for this Western Sydney girl.

Titled ‘TOP SPOT” SHYJANA’s newest track is raw, with lyrics traversing the Western Sydney artists battles, perseverance, and her hunger to succeed.

“I want TOP SPOT to inspire everyone. You can do whatever you put your mind too.” – SHYJANA

SHYJANA’s vocals flow between rapid fragments and calming slices that when placed together give the song an addicting quality.
Releasing through boutique label VENTURE ARTISTS, the song has a perfect place in anyone’s playlist – from an upbeat party environment, to laying in your room, basking in the light of the fleeting sunset. ‘TOP SPOT’ is a surprise hit.

“I’m super excited for people to hear what I have been working on, the music I’m about to release is a side to me people have never seen before, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it” – SHYJANA







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Julijana Terzioska November 23, 2020 - 4:19 pm


Shyjana love the sound, your biggest fan


Gerald Diaz November 24, 2020 - 4:54 am

Love the song and everything about you. Your fan from the Gold Coast.


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