Wesley Black Collaborates With Indie-Rock Group Dear Sunday For His New Single ‘Sleepless Nights’

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‘Better With You’ – First Play on Triple J Home & Hosed (Nov 22)

“WB bringing driving melodies and a thumping beat that’ll take you on his ride right to the stars. Obsessed with the vocal treatment, laden with pop textures and still leaving space for a few hardhitting rap verses.” 4.5 / 5 (Pip Rasmussen, Triple J)
[About ‘Better With You’]

“Wesley Black’s shown us he can rap but on this one he’s flexing a pop side to his brain that’s equally impressive!” 4.5 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J)
[About ‘Better With You’]

“Wesley’s ‘ANGEL’ project from earlier in 2021 went fkn hard but he’s flipped it here with the driving production and melodic wash. I’m into hearing this versatility.” 4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)
[About ‘Better With You’]

“Better With You is a vulnerable track, and one that’ll resonate with both old and new fans alike.” – Cool Accidents

“… songs like OUTLAW! and Eleven are glimpses of his brilliance in its best form shown thus far, showing his craft as a multi-faceted emcee that can move between flavours and energies with ease.” – Pilerats

“OUTLAW! is a heavy mix of electronic and trap elements alongside high energy vocals with a music video full of powerful scenes and vivid imagery.” – MILKY

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Boorloo/Perth’s alternative hip-hop posterboy, Wesley Black, explores new melancholic indie-rock undertones in his new single ‘Sleepless Nights ft Dear Sunday’ (out November 25).

Following the success of his debut EP, Wesley Black substituted trap beats and modern hip hop instrumentals for acoustic guitar with raging success in his track ‘King Of The World’. Receiving over 90,000 streams on Spotify and finding virality across YouTube, Wesley Black’s new wave alternative hip hop spoke for itself and found its own audience.

Sleepless Nights ft Dear Sunday’ takes the concept of guitar work found on ‘King Of The World’, and has taken it up a notch.

Combining indie-rock electric guitars alongside his traditional trap production has brought a fresh flavour to Wesley Black’s alternative hip hop sound. Club speakers are driven from the upbeat pulsating percussion, filled with a melancholy undertone of modulated electric guitars and bass synthesisers. The bright driving production is overshadowed by melancholic and sincere lyrics about finding closure in a relationship that’s run its course.

Boorloo/Perth indie-rock outfit Dear Sunday assist in adding the melancholic indie dimension to this track, helping stitch together this unique collaboration between two worlds and building the bittersweet reminiscence that comes alongside the closure of a finished relationship.

Wesley Black provides insight into working with Dear Sunday and the message behind ‘Sleepless Nights’:

Sleepless Nights is one of those songs that sounds a lot happier than it really is. In reality, I wrote this song at a pretty down time in my life, where all I wanted was to hear back from someone I hadn’t spoken to in ages. When the time finally came, we spoke for the entire night and I had no intentions of sleeping; unfortunately for me, that was essentially the last time we spoke, but I treasured that moment so much I wrote this full song about it; everything I loved and hated about that situation and relationship.

I was super grateful to have Dear Sunday able to lift the song and bring it together with me, I feel like they brought a new life to this track and helped me put a spin on the sadder lyrics in their indie rock ambience.”

Wesley Black has exploded in the media landscape since his debut EP in 2021, finding support from Triple J, Tone DeafPileratsOut Now MagazineMILKYScenestrAus Music SceneCool Accidents and so much more.

Put your head to the pillow, but don’t sleep on Wesley Black’s new track, ‘Sleepless Nights ft Dear Sunday’ drops on all major platforms on November 25.

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