‘IN THE PINES’ latest single by WASTING MAY

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Alternative singer-songwriter duo Wasting May, comprising Ethan DeBoard and Evelyn May Nielsen, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, “In The Pines.” The captivating track, released on December 29, 2023, is the band’s follow-up to their successful debut EP “Machine,” which was unveiled on September 1, 2023.

Wasting May’s journey began when Ethan and Evelyn crossed paths as freshmen in high school in 2018. Their musical collaboration took shape in February 2023, leading to the creation of evocative and emotionally charged music that resonates with listeners. Ethan, a self-taught guitarist since the age of 15, is the creative force behind the composition, recording, and production of Wasting May’s distinctive sound. On the other hand, Evelyn, with her early background in creative writing and lyricism, crafts the heartfelt lyrics and melodies that define the band’s unique identity.

“In The Pines” showcases Wasting May’s commitment to delivering emotionally relatable music with intimate sounds and profound lyrics. The single demonstrates the duo’s ability to weave a sonic tapestry that captures the essence of their artistic vision.

Following the success of “In The Pines,” Wasting May has exciting plans for 2024, with two more completed singles set to be released early in the year. Additionally, the band members will embark on a creative journey to Paris, France, in spring 2024, where they will immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant atmosphere, write and record new songs, and perform at open mics.

Fans and music enthusiasts are encouraged to stay connected with Wasting May by following them on Instagram and Spotify for the latest updates and announcements.

Wasting May is not just a band; it’s a musical odyssey that invites listeners to embark on a journey of emotions, melodies, and introspection. The release of “In The Pines” marks another milestone in their musical exploration, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what this dynamic duo has in store for the future.

About Wasting May

Wasting May is an alternative singer-songwriter duo hailing from Orlando, Florida. Comprising Ethan DeBoard and Evelyn May Nielsen, the duo’s music is characterized by emotionally charged lyrics, unique sounds, and an intimate connection with the audience. After the release of their debut EP “Machine” in September 2023, Wasting May continues to captivate listeners with their latest single, “In The Pines,” and looks forward to a promising 2024 with more releases on the horizon. Follow Wasting May on Instagram and Spotify for updates and announcements.


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