Wake Up & Smell The Roses With GENIIE BOY’s New Single ‘Shaky Ground’

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Previous Support For GENIIE BOY

‘Bruises’ landed on ‘Fuzzy’ Spotify Playlist

“vibrant pop with soulfully charged grooves reminiscent of dulcie.
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Bad Company’]

“Is it a pop song? Is it a rock song? Is it even a song? Maybe it’s more of an affirmation! Point is, I don’t what they’re doing or how they’re doing but I know that it’s good and I want more of it.” 
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) [About ‘Bruises’]

The layers in this track! Taking me for a sweet old ride! Groovy track with feel good energy!”
4 / 5 (Tom Forrest, Triple J) [About ‘Bruises’]

“Between Alisha’s charismatic voice and the smart production, there’s plenty to love” 
4 / 5 (Abby Butler, Triple J) [About ‘Fool’s Play’]

“Their cruisy, laid-back indie-pop vibes given a signature lift via Alisha’s lilting, layered vocals and Scott’s razor sharp production. For two artists who’ve never spent a lot of time around pop, they’re sure as heck nailing it.”
(Natalie O’Driscoll, Blank Mag)

“‘Bad Company’ is an ice-cream sundae with the lot.” (AU Review)

“Sure to be stuck in your head from the first listen, Geniie Boy’s indie-pop sound is your perfect summer companion, with multi-instrumental hooks, danceable drum beats, soaring harmonies and Alisha’s conversational lyrics keeping you company…” (Amnplify)

“Combining Alisha Todd’s silky vocals and knack for charismatically catchy hooks with Scott French’s sharp production and crunchy guitar riffs, the pair have created an exciting multi-dimensional pop atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.” (LivewireAU)


Returning in a flurry of eccentric electro / indie-pop that glimmers with their distinctive sonic magic, Gold Coast duo GENIIE BOY are releasing their new single ‘Shaky Ground’ on June 10.

Known for their ability to create splendorous electro-pop atmospheres that expertly combine irrefutable hooks and fuzzy grooves with charismatic storytelling, Alisha Todd and Scott French of GENIIE BOY have been turning heads since their debut, garnering support and acclaim from industry tastemakers across the country.

Now, the pair are back with their second single of the year, behind zany indie-pop track ‘Elevator To The Sky’, delivering warming grooves and sunny sonic dispositions in ‘Shaky Ground’.

Entering with the nostalgic crunch of early 2000’s guitar pop, Alisha’s sharply sweet vocals immediately take hold as the driving force, supported by quirky percussion and buoyant synth moments. Bursting with an infectious jubilance, the chorus brings bright vocal harmonies and irresistible hooks, followed by attention-grabbing tempo changes and surprising moments boasting guitar-less melodies. The single exudes the duo’s love for making relatable music that forces a grin, full of intoxicating GENIIE BOY exuberance that can’t help but spread.

A delightful tune about embracing the joys of life, ‘Shaky Ground’ was inspired by the nostalgic feeling you get when remembering “the best times you had”, as Alisha Todd explains:

“Ever felt like one day you just woke up from a dream, a really good dream, and ever since you woke up, you keep losing fragments of that dream somewhere in your mind? Sometimes little rays of sunshine from that dream replay in your memory then you snap back to the moment. You think to yourself, wow we had it so good, then you release that the moment right now isn’t that bad either… just different.”

Receiving support from  Spotify (‘Bruises’ landed on ‘Fuzzy’ playlist), Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, MTV, AU Review, AAA Backstage, BLANK GC, Scenestr, Aus Music Scene, Amnplify, Tone Deaf, The Music, LivewireAU, Glide Mag,  idobi Radio and more for their previous releases, GENIIE BOY are set to take to the stage for a string of upcoming live shows.

GENIIE BOY’s newest single ‘Shaky Ground’ is out on June 10.

Upcoming Shows
18 June – The Golden Weekend – Mo’s Desert Clubhouse
26 June – Creekfest – Currumbin RSL
7 July – Big City Lights – Mr PP’s
4 September – Springtime Festival – Surfers Paradise

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