WADE JACKSON Signs to Broken Stone Releases new single ‘Nightlife’ Announces new album Sensationalized

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WADE JACKSON Signs to Broken Stone Releases new single 'Nightlife' Announces new album Sensationalized

Broken Stone Records are pleased to announce Wade Jackson has joined their roster and will release his new album Sensationalized on Friday 4 December. Wade today releases new single ‘Nightlife

As Wade says of the single “I wrote and recorded Nightlife during the Coronavirus lockdown in Sydney. The view of the empty streets from my apartment window, particularly in the night, made me imagine a dystopian city that had been taken over by witches. The witches slept in nightclubs during the day and musicians must call/summon these witches at dusk by playing music that they enjoy to bring them out of their slumber and leave the clubs in good moods. If the music is to their liking, it would make them levitate and dance in the night sky whilst giving off rich-red, silky light flashes. I wanted the outro guitar solo to represent the witch dancing in the sky.”

Wade Jackson – ‘Nightlife’

Wade began predominantly worked in music theatre and writing screen plays. Given things weren’t going so well he decided to use his musical chops to write his debut album Goodbye Rain, Hello Sunshine in 2012 which he later recorded with producer Liam Judson (Belles Will Ring, Cloud Control to Major Tom, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Dream). Touring Australia widely, he took a break to write Whiskey Alpha Delta Echo in the fall of 2013, again co-producing with Judson. The album was picked up on a licensing deal from a Spanish label generating a European tour.

After returning from Europe, with wind in his sails and sales he started work on the follow-up, Crown & Cathedral which unfortunately was disliked immensely by his Spanish fan base citing “there’s too much synthesiser”, a mistake that Jackson did not learn from and continued to use on the follow up album, The Ghost Searches Beside Me. The LP was recorded and mixed by Jackson with his new set of skills he was forced to learn after going broke from investing all of his money into a music documentary he made with friend and well known Australian band manager and industry stalwart, Greg Carey. Waiting – The Van Duren Story was screened around the world and well received.

Now, Broken Stone Records have come knocking after hearing the soon to be released fifth album titled Sensationalized.

As Wade details of the album “Sensationalized was written and recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown in Sydney. The theme is based around a fictional complete city breakdown, exaggerated reality. An almost apocalyptic, dystopian city with different scenarios played out by different characters in a diary/self reflection style.

This was also reflected in the music I was listening to: Joe Walsh – Barnstorm, Joni Mitchell – Hejira, Lewis Baloue – L’amour, Peter Koppes – Manchild or Myth. All these records for me have a real reclusive feel and felt comforting whilst alone during lockdown.”

1. Sensationalized
2. Wild
3. Heaven
4. Help The City
5. Light In The Shade
6. The Outside World
7. We Have It
8. I Used To Die Here
9. Everything Else Is Yours
10. Nightlife
11. Start Again

Wade Jackson – Sensationalized is out Friday 4 December via Broken Stone Records / Remote Control Records.

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