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I am currently based in Melbourne Victoria!

I first got into music, as I took piano lessons in primary school! I continued that through to about grade 8, and then very silly me gave it up. I was also that kid that tried every instrument under the sun but I always reverted back to the piano, and as I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to do something within music but wasn’t sure exactly what, so I studied audio engineering this was a good balance for me to rediscover the love I had for music when I was younger and also the technical side behind recording/composing songs.

At the moment, I have just been having ample time in the studio every day working on new music and future releases for this year for my project with some really great songwriters and vocalists which has been really fun!

My covid experience was a really strange one as I’m sure it was for many people, I was in lockdown in Melbourne for about 6 months, I was going to go back to the Gold Coast [ where originally I am from ] but instead, I decided to stay here and just put my head down and work on music, which was a positive for me to be able to have ample time to just write and work every day and dedicate time to my passion and career. I also definitely learnt a lot in this time.

I wrote Hit You Up in the 2nd lockdown Melbourne had last year, I just wanted to write a fun dance record, at the time I was binge-watching a lot of the disclosure twitch streams that they were doing so I feel like the sound design and the initial old school kind of house vibe was unconsciously influenced by that!

I produced this song at home when I was in my apartment, and I wrote the initial idea with a vocalist from LA and then just produced it up over the last few months of last year.

The equipment I used for this record was mainly 3rd party vst’s that I have on my computer, one that I used in particular, was a synth called Tal Uno.

I use Ableton Live for my DAW of choice, and I also used my Korg Minilogue Synthesizer that I have and I was doing a sound design session randomly one day just having a play around and made these little laser percussive sounds which you will hear in the chorus of the song and they are just subtly being panned left to right, I then just processed them with a few different effects and had them sitting in the back of the mix for some fun little ear candy.

I first got into producing when I was living in Byron Bay, I started studying Audio Engineering and then discovered Ableton Live, and started to learn that program and loved it as your creativity on it is endless! I decided to move to Melbourne in 2018 as I felt there was a lot more opportunity for me here to grow and establish myself as an artist and be able to network, which I have met some amazing people and I love the sense of community we have here within the industry and haven’t looked back since!

I’ve been listening to heaps of music from an artist called Kito recently, a few others I have had on repeat are Lauren Sanderson, Whethan, Olah Bliss, and some old Hudson Mohawke and Machine Drum these are all such great artists that I really value their work.

Outside of the studio, I try to get out into nature as much as possible! It’s so easy to just spend relentless time in the studio, which is amazing but I try to remind myself to get out and spend some time reconnecting outside of the city!

This year is going to be a really busy one for me, I have quite a few releases planned and an ep that I am working towards for the end of the year, which I’m super excited about but we will have to wait and see!

My favorite food by far is Agedashi Tofu, my roommate introduced this to me about a year and a half ago and my life was changed and still, I’m obsessed with it hahaha, we are still in a bet to find the best Agedashi Tofu in Melbourne, so if anyone has any suggestions hit me up!

My favorite place to hangout would be going to some of Melbourne’s dope bars and drinking a cider in the afternoon with some friends after a week of being in the studio, that always hits the spot!

Website – https://www.vynesmusic.com
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Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/Vynesmusic-389425541532657
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