Von Sharp – See The Lights (feat Jones 2.0)

by the partae

Brisbane producer Von Sharp, the moniker of Stu Galligan, has been on a steady rise since his debut in 2022. Hard to define with a  simple genre label – it’s dance music with a genuine heart and an undeniable rhythmic pull. There’s a certain magic to Von Sharp’s productions, a captivating quality that’s hard to pinpoint. He seamlessly blends modern sounds and production styles with subtle nods to the era of early raves, creating a unique sonic tapestry.

Von Sharp’s latest single, “See The Lights,” perfectly embodies this approach. The track brims with classic elements, yet it’s propelled to new heights by the dynamic performance of UK rapper Jones 2.0. Jones’s distinctive flow injects an extra layer of flavor into the groove, adding a gritty counterpoint to the lush chords and a captivating choral lick that weaves through the steady beat. “See The Lights” is a vibe setter, and is out today.



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