Von Sharp – Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel)

by the partae

Von Sharp is the creative project from Queenslander Stu Galligan, a gentleman who at 40 decided that more than anything, he wanted to make music. After a couple of decades building a more conventional career, the artistic impulse reached fever pitch and Von Sharp was born. A lover of classic dance music, the Von Sharp sound has clear elements of early trance and euro-dance. Speaking about the genesis of this project Galligan says “My first song Day Dreamer was a complete secret kept from my friends and family. It was a mammoth effort and a long way from perfect but a huge learning experience and big box ticked.  When working on the follow up track Stu enlisted a pair of collaborators to lift the track to the next level. “ Erin and her husband Paul, who is a Producer, are from the US and are now living in Spain.

These guys are career musicians and are living in a beautiful part of the world, playing live music at some really stunning venues. When I first heard Erin’s voice I immediately knew where it would fit and that point in time was the beginning of Save Me. ”  Stu had already written the words to Save Me “When I wrote the lyrics I was thinking of a good friend and his long time partner who had just broken up but it also applies to my own situation.  The pressure that money, in-laws and you and your partners own expectation can place on a relationship throughout the course of life is sometimes too much for some couples.  In this instance, it’s happily ever after.

Using his existing lyrics, Erin created a topline that fit perfectly with Stu’s track. “Erin’s vocal sound is first class and she had a hand in creating the top line melody.  I really hope to see Erin perform the song to a live audience, she’s a true professional and a very experienced live performer.”

  Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel) explores the notion of not being prepared to let true love wither. Romantic at heart and energetic by design Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel) has nostalgia at its core. Memories of first loves, bygone summers and distant raves flashback like dancefloor strobe-lights. Triumphant and sweet, Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel) is a case of passion coming first. Out Today!





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