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Vinnin, a Tamil-Malayali-Canadian musician, explores complex themes in his most recent song, “Suits On,” which was released last week. In contrast to his customary loud delivery, Vinnin chose a mellow melodic one, supported by Stay Swaying’s playboy serenade, a fellow Tamil-Canadian musician.

After a brief hook, the intelligent rapper launched into an extremely intimate rap about individuals he had previously left in the past.  When all things start off with, “They had me tripping in the past, I had to move on.” Vinnin shares his profound insights on how letting go of people who don’t serve him has impacted him as an artist and inspired him to concentrate on his objectives and purpose. Vinnin’s work has developed thematically around considering the intricacy of racial identity, and everyone is captivated by the way he conveys his traumatic memories through powerful raps.

The setting and vivid colours for “Suits On” go wonderfully with Vinnin’s distinctive style. Shot in a greenhouse, Vinnin and Stay Swaying represent how content they are right now with their formal dress, which makes them appear wealthy and confident. The track’s intensity and pride factor are increased by the use of colour and seemingly directed cinematography. The argument and uncomfortable situations are highlighted in the video. For instance, when scenes of a girl fighting and Stay Swaying are shown. The song is greatly improved by the video’s narrative components. 

Vinnin was born in Scarborough, Canada, after his family fled the civil war in Sri Lanka and moved from India and Sri Lanka. Growing up in the Toronto suburbs, he felt like an outsider, was bullied in school which sparked his interest in hip hop to cope with his experiences. 

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