Van Oasis

by the partae
Where are you currently based? Melbourne
How did you first start playing music and how did you progress into playing live?
I’ve been a drummer all my life and played various other instruments aswell but had an injury at one point three years ago that forced me to stop playing. Couple months when recovering I discovered Ableton and House music and started creating music. It was an alternative to playing actual instruments and aloud me to express myself musically still. Now I can play Instruments again and record them all the time in my tracks but without the injury I would of probably never picked up Ableton and started to make electronic house music.
 Please tell a little about yourself:
I am a Melbourne based Producer/DJ under the alias of Van Oasis. Creating music that is a reflection of my love for several genres and styles such as house, disco, Italo and worldly beats. Combining these with my background of percussion and drums, I create unique electronic pieces that cannot be reduced to a single genre.
Your latest EP release entitled “KILLERS//LOVERS”
Vanoasis is full of natural elements and grooving electronic grooves, where and when did you record?
I record this ep in my bedroom with the help of a few friends (producers) and some late nights I produced this really dynamic EP last year.
What programs and equipment did you use?
I use Ableton as my DAW with alot of Sampling from old bargain bin records. I started investing in hardware though as I really found you couldn’t compare the sound of a real Korg M1 piano with a plug in version. So a use of hardware like the M1, a tr-8 is great for laying down drum beats really quickly and have just acquired some new synths with a Roland Ju-06 n Jx-03.
What influenced the tracks on this EP?

Been Djing for nearly two years at the time I was opening my horizons to lots of house music and electro beats. So very housey drum beats and staby chord lines were things that influenced me from the dj side of things but before I started listening to house music I really enjoyed some ambient and moody tracks from producers like Taylor Mcferrin, King Kurle and Tame Impala so there is some influences from these acts I still listen to all the time.

How do you usually go about writing songs?
I have a bedroom studio and I generally like to find samples off old records, sample them and try vibe out something that comes to mind when listening. Sometimes I just sit at my piano or a synth for hours and play around without the intention of making anything and usually something will come out of it and I will try develop them. I like to only make music in the studio though as it becomes the place of creativity instead of taking a laptop around the place making tracks. It feels like a good area to develop sounds.
Have you been working on any new material lately? 
I have a next EP with another Melbourne Producer Tony Chocoloney – Together we have made an 80’s inspired disco house record full of fun grooving beats that will sure to tune some heads when it’s released. It is entitled ‘Body Balm EP’ and we are looking very forward to seeing what people think of it.
How has the collaborative process been with Tony?
Tony Is a musical genius and is really inspiring to develop music with. There is laughs and pure brilliants working with him. Together we really enjoy the same house and disco jams and discuss new releases and thing we could remix or work on together as we are just excited to make music for the fun of it.
How did the colab come about?
We just seemed know the same people and meet after been booked together on the same bill one night djing. Thought we would keep in touch and have a jam. When we did we wrote 3 of the 4 songs on the ep in 3 days. We just clicked so well together and will continue to do so.
Where will we be able to hear the new EP?
Well that one is under wraps when and where and how you can listen to it 😉 so you just have to keep on checking in on us to find out.
You run an event brand called HomeTurf, how’s HomeTurf going?
HomeTurf has been a really great way for me to experience and explore the music industry from a booker, promotor, manager and dj perspective. It has been a really organic and flowing journey learning about how a show runs or what is expected in the behind the scenes of running events. Slowly I will keep expanding the brand and hopefully create a label but for now we will keep doing what we are because it seems to be working. Party on!
How did HomeTurf start?

HomeTurf started after seeing a bunch of local talent around me not getting gigs because they didn’t know how to get bookings or where not involved in crews. So I just started running events with my friends and local artists. Then we went a step further doing free mixtapes of producers tracks as a hub to support and showcase some of their talent.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2018?

We have just started diving into booking international acts this year starting with Germans very own Black Loops we did back in January. Continuing to book some bigger acts and try get into as much different clubs and spread the word is the mission for the rest of the year. Hopefully turn HomeTurf into a record label next year though imprinting original records for vinyl aswell as still holding great parties around Melbourne.
Favourite food and place to hangout?

Melbourne is overfilled with places to hang out and eat but I’d say Favourite bar : Palm Royale – Little cocktail bar in richmond that plays some disco tunes, knows my drink orders ( A Harvey Wallbanger with pineapple Juice) and has a tiki theme decor. Very Van Oasis style.  Favourite club : New Guernica – a cozy and interesting club with decor that changes as you walk through. One room is a Carnaval theme dance floor the other a Kitchen rave room, another a private country club quarters where you can have private conversations and relax, and favourite Food spot in Melbourne : Lazer Pig – Wood fire pizza with amazing choices I go there maybe every month with my girlfriend.

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