US pop Trio Cheat Codes release DEBUT album | New single with Tinashe ‘Lean On Me’ | Stream now

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US pop Trio Cheat Codes release DEBUT album | New single with Tinashe 'Lean On Me' | Stream now

Prolific hit-making trio Cheat Codes, popularly known for their smash single “No Promises” (feat. Demi Lovato), has released the first part of their anticipated three-part debut album, Hellraisers Pt. 1, available on all DSPs and streaming services. The ground-breaking eleven track project is highlighted by standout single “Lean On Me (feat. Tinashe)”.

Hellraisers, Pt. 1 sees the multi-platinum group uniting with an eclectic cast of fellow artists, including Pop superstar Tinashe and Spanish alt-pop singer-songwriter Au/Ra. In addition, the album includes recently released tracks such as “On My Life,” “Heaven,” “Between Our Hearts (feat. CXLOE),” “Stay (feat. Bryce Vine),” “Washed Up,” “Do It All Over (feat. Marc E. Bassy),” “No Chill (feat. Lil Xxel),” and “Hate You + Love You (feat. AJ Mitchell).”

The name of the album, “Hellraisers,” was the nickname given to the group by their late manager, Michael Theanne, who passed away just over a year ago, describing their playful and adventurous lifestyle. The album itself has three parts – each part has a distinct sound influenced by each member. This first part is focused on Trevor’s pop-leaning sound, while the second part will be focused on KEVI’s hip-hop flavor, and the third part will be focused on Matthew’s dance-influenced sound.

Heavily influenced by pop music, the trio creates a colourful and vivid story that is seen throughout each song on Hellraisers Pt. 1. “Lean On Me,” the album’s lead single featuring Tinashe, will entice your ears from the very first listen. The bassline and use of different percussive elements carries the song’s emotion and ambition to center stage thanks to the group’s versatile skills. Tinashe and Trevor’s memorable vocals elevate the piece to the next level. With lyrics such as, “Baby when you’re falling, you can lean on me, when you don’t feel strong, when you don’t believe,” it’s hard to not relate.

Hellraisers, Pt. 1 Tracklist

  1. On My Life
  2. Lean On Me (feat. Tinashe)
  3. Do It All Over (feat. Marc E. Bassy)
  4. Stay (feat. Bryce Vine)
  5. Between Our Hearts (feat. CXLOE)
  6. Heaven
  7. No Chill (feat. Lil Xxel)
  8. Wish It Was Me (feat. Au/Ra)
  9. Mathematics
  10. Hate You + Love You (feat. AJ Mitchell)
  11. Washed Up
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