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UNIFIED Music Group is proud to celebrate its 10 year company anniversary in 2021 as it moves towards a milestone 20 years in the music business next year.

From its bedroom beginnings as Boomtown Records to its stake as one of Australia’s largest independent music companies, UNIFIED now offers a full suite of artist and music services from its offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles and London.

Over the last decade UNIFIED has sought to constantly grow, evolve and innovate. 2021 now finds the company with an extensive range of core business offerings (including Recorded Music, Artist Management, Merchandise and Events), while continuing to expand into new areas through partnerships in and around the industry with thought leaders and visionaries.

Click here to check out an interactive website breaking down UNIFIED’s growth over the last 10 years & detailing its company pillars in depth.

On the anniversary of both his principal company’s decade and close to 20 years since beginning in the music business, UNIFIED Founding CEO Jaddan Comerford shares that though the company has certainly innovated and evolved into its current state over the years, not a lot has changed in terms of it its driving “why”:

“In 2011, we created our mission statement that reads: ‘UNIFIED is the soundtrack of good people working together to achieve extraordinary results’. Although this didn’t exist in the very beginning, it really is what has driven us all along,” he shares, adding:

“UNIFIED is a company that aims to serve people. This includes artists, team members and the broader public and 2021 is a year where we will continue to build on this mission, our vision to innovate and improve, and ultimately dream of a world where we are celebrating in 2031, 2041….”

On navigating a year in business like never before in 2020, Jaddan shares that the forced time to slow down and reflect prompted both clarity and further innovation.

“Personally, I spent most of the last 5+ years on the road, either living in the US and travelling the globe for meetings or to see our artists play shows. Stopping made me take a look at the business and see what we were doing well and also assess what else we could be doing to evolve and adapt for business in 2021 and beyond.”

He adds that one of the most exciting elements of the 2021 milestone year is that it marks 10 years since the launch of the UNFD (pronounced U-N-F-D) record label brand.

“Although I think a lot of people still confuse UNFD and UNIFIED, UNFD is in fact our heavy music label, which is essentially what Boomtown morphed into back in 2011,” he says. “So even though Boomtown is still resting on the shelf, the spirit lives on through UNFD which is now a global label, an idea that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind in 2002, other than in a dream.”

Stay tuned as UNFD announce plans to celebrate a decade of releasing music from some of the world’s most inspiring heavy and alternative artists soon.

Reflecting on nearly two decades in music and 10 years since launching the UNIFIED Music Group brand, Jaddan reiterates the importance of the company’s people as a key element to its success.

“UNIFIED is a business that invests in good people with good ideas. We build careers and we do work with people we love doing it with. We aren’t always perfect and we don’t always get it right, but looking back at where we’ve come from, and the people who have been on the journey, it definitely makes you stop to smell the roses.”


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