by the partae

What’s your favourite gig that you’ve ever played at and why?

Space NYD Would be definitely be a highlight for me, Kobra Kai played early in the day to a wicked crown, and then I ended up hosting High Contrast’s set to a packed crowd absolutely going mental. Being NYD everyone was ready to party and line-up didn’t disappoint.

You just released new music, what made you drop it now?

I think it’s time, it’s relevance with the single people can relate too, my commentary on life and how I perceive what we’re all going through.

How would you define your style of music?

I am a mixed bag, this release is more of a modern hip hop vibe, however the other tunes on the release are definitely more grimey. Previous releases have been very Boom Bap focused solo, and with a mix bag of all underground bass music with Kobra kai.

Have you ever written songs that were more a fantasy than based on real life?

Every rapper exaggerates the truth to some extent, I have definitely framed some lyrics around fantasy more than real life. I am not a massive storyteller, however there’s been some moments over the years for sure.

Tell us about your upcoming album:

The new EP is all 140bpm and the production handled from 3 producers from the UK – Kayos, A-Zee and Chedda. It’s me having fun over a few different styles, however staying consistent on the same BPM. Some serious, some not so, but I think cohesively it works as a project hence the release. You have varied sounds, Who are you is a beat circa Boy in the Corner, where Voices just has a heaving Bassline. The two singles On Sight, and No Sleep are also completely different to one another. There’s a lot of variety across the release and it’s only 4 tracks.


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