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A night in the desert, a dreamland, filmic and surreal… this record is all about the tension that comes with feeling stuck in a place you don’t want to be.
Liberation Records are elated to confirm not only a new song from Melbourne duo Two People, but also the announcement of their sophomore album Second Body. Due for release in just one month on August 28, Second Body is the intoxicating next chapter in Two People’s story, following on from their debut full-length offering, First Body.

Much of the new album was written immediately after the release of the band’s aforementioned debut, in a rustic cabin situated on the windswept coastline of Skenes Creek along the Great Ocean Road. It was later recorded back in St Kilda with the duo’s good friend, Simon Lam. Another nine-track offering, Second Body is a carefully and consciously curated collection of sparse yet intricate tracks – a dark and expansive album that dips and sways in all the right places, punctuated by a distinctive Two People-esque groove.

“This record is all about movement, growth, large spaces, bold lines, curves and bravery. It’s the tone that our first record only hinted at. First Body was all about us exploring new sounds, feeling out edges, working with raw and fragile parts. Second Body is definitive, deliberate and assertive. It’s more fierce and a little bit more fun….”
Along with the announcement of the album, the duo also reveal their new single ‘Someone To Serve’. Written as the band anxiously awaited the release of First Body, the song captures the intensity of the period for Phoebe and Joey and explores ‘that really rough energy that comes from total exhaustion.’
“‘Someone To Serve’ is like a dystopian rock song. We started writing the track back around 2018, when our first record was finished but prior to its release. There was all this angst and fight in us that was coming from the limbo phase we were in, so we captured it. We wanted to make something that felt really urgent and yet totally conscious, you know like grabbing the bull by its horns.

“We kept coming back to this imagery of a car speeding through the desert, cliffs and dirt and nothing else. We didn’t muck around with perfecting things, the vocal take we used was one of the first, where one night in the studio Phoebe was finishing off the lyrics and just hurtled in… that was the vibe. Simmo really pushed the sound where it needed to go and we just kept agreeing that it felt good and right.”

The pulsing, energetic track follows on from previous single ‘A Taste’ and earlier cut ‘Dream Steppin’. Together, the three songs offer a glimpse into Two People’s utterly unique world and hint at what’s to come on Second Body.

Two People’s debut album First Body included ‘I’m Tied, To You’, ‘Phone Call’ and ‘Fading’ and saw the band forge their own, unique path in an often crowded electronic space.  Guided by bold visual cues, DIY principles, and an emphasis on the empty space between notes as much as the notes themselves, the album saw the band perform at BigSound, where they caught the eye of the good folk at Terrible Records (and with whom they later signed to for North America), and at SXSW.

This next instalment is due out in just one month on August 28 via Liberation Records globally, with the exception of North America, where Terrible Records have the honours.

‘Someone To Serve’
Two People
Single out now through Liberation Records
Available to buy/stream here

Second Body
Two People
Album out Friday 28 August through Liberation Records
Available to buy/stream here

Second Body tracklisting:
1. Dream Steppin’
2. Loud
3. Someone To Serve
4. Been A Little While
5. Breaking The Silence
6. A Taste
7. The Line
8. I Was Wrong Thinking You Were Right
9. Under The Hood



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