Tribal Trap

by the partae

Interested in how you know each other, your history of making tracks together in the past and how this particular track was made?

RayRay: We met each other through the Barong Family. We did a song together on my “Alien Mutation” EP last year called “Watch Out”, and it turned out to be really good. 

It’s one of the most hyped songs in my EP, so we decided to collab again. Out of Cookies sent me the idea first, and we sent the stems back and forth. Have always been a big fan of their music. I’m very excited to release this trap banger with them”.

Out Of Cookies“As a matter of fact we have met RayRay in person only once. It was in Amsterdam at the Barong Family dinner during ADE back in 2018. When we collaborated on ”Watch Out” back in 2021, she was killing the track with her vocals like she always does. But we actually didn’t expect her to sing like this, like she did in the breaks of ”Keep It 100”. Once we heard it, we were blown away and immediately fell in love with these vocals. That’s when all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.”

Along with the vocals, can sense a variety of genre influences which creates a unique hybrid feeling to the track. Would you mind explaining the genre elements in this particular track?

RayRay: “Both of us make all kinds of trap-influenced music, and I also use my vocals a lot in music. I started to sing on my own music since last year. 

I feel like this release is a good balance in between hard drop and soft break with a swag attitude. It also mixes in some dubstep elements. I really love the energy in the song.”

Loads of energy indeed, also sensed a bit of drum and bass/jungle/break elements, is that correct?

Out of Cookies: “You’re right about the drum & bass part. We absolutely love to use these old drum & bass / jungle sounds in our productions. It was used a lot in Happy Hardcore tracks back in the 90’s. We just like to combine that classic sound with those new heavier sounds. We actually made a full Drum & Bass track last month.”

Great to include a lot of variety, a question for RayRay in terms of the vocals “Keep it 100” – is there any specific meaning or memories associated?

RayRay: “I love to pretend I am playing different roles in movie or comic books when I write my lyrics. In this song, I was imaging I am a successful assassin who enjoys his missions so much. 

It also refers to our music life that we make cool music, and we make it dope. We keep what we do 100.”

On that note, keeping it 100 in what you do, are there any special shows and other productions to be aware of in the coming future?

RayRay: “I’m making my EP currently!

And going to be on tour with yellow claw in US, and I’m going to play at Tomorrowland this year!”

Any advice you would give to others?

RayRay: “As an artist, staying true to yourself, being proud of who you are and showing everyone that you genuinely have the passion and the love for what you’re doing! You can discover all the possibilities in music, so you can really create something meaningful & inspiring… no matter where are you from or who you are.”

Can we expect any more collaborations from you 3 in the future?

RayRay: “Yes! Always down to work with out of cookies!!”

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