Trace Decay – Reveal Enchanting New Single ‘Empty Handed’

by the partae


It’s a song that encapsulates Trace Decay and their brilliance in a tidy few minutes, showing that aforementioned drive for evolution and growth as they mix together a wealth of washed-out and dreamy guitar melodies with the vocals of Jordan De Pas.”
– Pilerats (AUS)

Melbourne-based indie-pop duo Trace Decay have just returned with their endearing new single ‘Empty Handed’ – produced by Edvard Hakansson (IV LeagueJack Grace) and mastered by Malcolm Besley (Northeast Party HouseSlowly SlowlyCity Calm Down).

‘Empty Handed’ opens with captivating backing vocals, dreamy guitars and snappy percussion, before the introduction of lead singer Jordan De Pas’ commanding vocals. The technicolour choruses help propel the track through crescendo and deft instrumentation, rounding out an elegant slice of notable indie-pop.

Jordan talks about the meaning behind ‘Empty Handed’:

“I wrote ‘Empty Handed’ when I was going through a period of transition and was uncertain if I was on the right path to improving my own mental health or making it worse. I was holding myself to double standards and constantly second guessing everything. It got to the point where I almost felt paralysed when I had to make a choice about anything as the fear of getting it wrong would haunt me. The verses are about me struggling with being in that unshakable mindset, trying to find answers anywhere. The chorus of this song was the last thing that was written as I was so stuck with where it should go. 

The songs themes had reared their ugly head and started to manifest in the songwriting process. At which point I realised I should just write about acknowledging that this is a thing and not worry about trying to find this magical resolution which I so desired. Probably one of my favourite lines I’ve ever written is the last line in the chorus which encapsulates my experience of self-doubt and crippling anxiety perfectly.”

Previous releases have been widely embraced by Australian radio stations triple jtriple j Unearthed3RRR4ZZZ, Edge RadioPBS FMRadio Adelaide and Aussie Music Weekly. They’ve also seen support from online blogs Music FeedsTrouble JuiceThe AU ReviewSomething You Said and The Soundcheck. Their most recent single ‘Photobooth’ was even featured on the new ABC iView show Retrograde.

The two-piece have sold out headlining shows in their hometown and supported the likes of Art Vs. ScienceSan Mei and Shag Rock. When they aren’t writing pop hits you can find them either running music festivals in Queensland (Arcadia Music & Arts Festival), managing up and coming Melbourne artists (IJALE + Quiet Blue) or studying at university.

In the coming weeks, Trace Decay will reveal an accompanying music video for ‘Empty Handed’.

‘Empty Handed’ is available worldwide now



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