Townes ‘Shadows’ Premiere

by the partae

Townes (aka Matt Radich) is one of Nicolas Cage’s only genuine fans, a cynic with a dry wit, and also a recording artist film-maker. If asked to describe his music, he might laugh and say “it’s just bad”, but that would be unsurprising as one could find a lot more self-deprecating humour within his music. With a series of home-recorded EP releases to his name and several new studio singles, Townes has found an addictive middle point between indie-rock and pop. Combining stellar songwriting and nostalgic late-00’s production, he draws on influences from Beck, Hot Chip, and Diamond Rings.

Radich has spent several years perfecting his live shows in small- to mid-size venues. Along with headlining his own shows, he’s supported acts such as Holy Fuck, Zola Jesus, and many others. Townes engages his audiences with the might of a four-piece band, incorporating set pieces and manually programmed lights, despite being a solo act. Radich’s upcoming EP “Ghostwriters” continues his journey to blend music and visuals, while doubling down on the comedic elements of his music. With an accompanying short-film of the same name, “Ghostwriters” tells the story of two songwriters who are kidnapped and tortured in order to write a comeback hit for a popstar going through a public scandal.


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