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Youth by Nicolai Yu. Courtesy of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

20 March – 12 July | Melbourne Museum 

The annual Top Designs exhibition is returning to Melbourne Museum to celebrate its twentieth year. The exhibition will showcase Victoria’s brightest VCE and VCE VET design students from 20 March – 12 July 2020.

From over 1000 submissions, the 88 selected works provide insight into the exciting future of Australian design across a variety of mediums. These include photography, film, print, textiles, furnishing, systems engineering, theatre, creative digital media, visual communications, and for the first time in 2020, sound production.

The exhibition is set to not only celebrate the next generation of designers, filmmakers, photographers, architects, engineers, sound-engineers and theatre-designers but to inspire all Melbourne Museum visitors, including those who will go on to study VCE and VCE VET design studies.

Around the world, design is used to creatively answer life’s questions and to provide solutions to problems in unexpected ways. This year, Top Designs is no different. Among the array of breath-taking works, Warren Rogan, a systems engineering exhibitor designed a human-sized robot which mimics human movements. It is intended for use in emergency service situations and is an innovative solution for when it is too dangerous for emergency service personnel to enter an area to assist. Luke DeBuhr, designed a prosthetic hand to replace a removed or dysfunctional hand. The system intends to give back complete independence and functionality.

Top Designs 2020 highlight reel. Source – Museums Victoria

In product design and technology, textiles exhibitors looked for solutions to the lack of sustainability and accessibility within the fashion industry. Garments were created from recycled materials and an exhibitor, Millicent Meldrum created a corset fashion outfit for a friend who suffers from scoliosis.

In media, beautiful photographic series explores themes of self, identity, emotion, mental health, youth and nostalgia. Also in the media realm is a range of films and animations spanning genres including comedy, drama, horror and sci-fi/thriller.

Top Designs 2020 is complemented by a range of educational programs, including introductory talks and forums from various industry professionals which provide valuable insight and inspiration to current VCE and VET design students. The industry speakers will be announced in late February 2020.

Gordon White, General Manager of Melbourne Museum said, ‘Museums Victoria is thrilled to celebrate 20 years of presenting Top Designs in partnership with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s (VCAA) VCE Season of Excellence. As always, this year’s exhibition is a remarkable display of ingenuity, artistry and innovation that is certain to spark the imaginations of all visitors to Melbourne Museum, in particular students who are currently enrolled in VCE and VCE VET programs.’

Chris Wardlaw, Chair of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority Board said, “Top Designs celebrates the innovative talents of VCE and VCE VET students from across Victoria. It also demonstrates our world-class VCE curriculum that fosters excellence in creative pursuits and produces not only unique student works, but provides the stepping stones to successful careers in art and design.”

Top Designs 2020 is proudly presented in partnership with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as part of the VCE Season of Excellence, which includes Top Acts, Top Arts, Top Class and Top Screen. It represents students from a range of government, independent and Catholic schools in Victoria’s metropolitan and regional areas.

For more information on educational programs visit our website.

Top Designs 2020 | Melbourne Museum
20 March – 12 July 2020
Open daily, 10am – 5pm
Admission included with museum entry
Adults $15, students, concession and children FREE. 

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