Tjaka Mix The Old With The New With ‘Break It Down’ Music Video

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Support for ‘Break It Down’

First play on Triple J Blak Out

Added to Triple J Unearthed Radio

4ZZZ Top 20

#10 and #5 on AMRAP Metro Charts

“Tjaka won’t have you taking the main road and it’s an adventure on the bumpy back streets with them behind the wheel. The didge is so mad all the way through too as it rises and falls”
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J) 

“Having seen them live, I can say they’re even better in person.” (Tone Deaf)

“…a gorgeous blend of electronic and hip hop fusion with Aboriginal ancestral influence.”
(Purple Sneakers)

First Nations Meanjin/Brisbane-based trio Tjaka, dropped their single ‘Break It Down’, a groundbreaking blend of electronic/ hip-hop combined with their Aboriginal ancestral influence, just the other week on August 16.

After seeing an overwhelming amount of support from the likes of Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Purple Sneakers, Music Feeds, AAA Backstage, and so much more, they are releasing the accompanying music video – a visual representation of the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ within their indigenous culture. As Geoff Fabila states:

“The message that we are bringing to our listeners is that for 60 thousand years, indigenous culture continues to stay strong.”

With the help of videographer Joshua Hickie, the music video (shot on Yuggara and Turrbal land) features dancers Leelana Fabila-Hicks and Derek Sandy, showing the two ends of their culture, their ancestral roots and modern-day interpretations through hip-hop dance. Geoff Fabila continues:

“The thinking through this music video was to best represent our song visually through dance and special types of shots. Throughout the video, there are cuts to both a modern style of dance (hip-hop) by an indigenous dancer [Leelana Fabila-Hicks] and cuts to traditional dance lead by Derek Sandy, a young cultural leader and teacher.”

The juxtaposition of these two dancers innately shows the strength of the indigenous culture and how it continues to pulse through the generations.

“We have many indigenous people innovating and excelling in the modern world we live in today” and Tjaka, alongside many other indigenous people, are showing the importance of maintaining this culture. Fabila finally notes:

Breaking this message down was our aim for the song both musically, lyrically, and now visually and we hope audiences, wherever they are, enjoy this project we’ve worked hard on along with a very special and talented team.”

‘Break It Down’ and their stunning clip honouring their roots are out now. Catch Tjaka over the next month at one of their upcoming shows across QLD – more information below:

Tjaka Upcoming Shows
2-4 September – Jungle Love Festival – Imbil
16 September – Solbar – Sunshine Coast~*
17 September – Bearded Lady – Brisbane~*
23 September – Mo’s Desert Clubhouse – Gold Coast~^”
~Supported by Endless Valley
*Supported by Hemingway
^Supported by Dizzy Days
“Supported by Lotus Ship

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