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Tia Mellow
How are you, what’s good and what’s bad? What’s been the hardest part about staying positive this year do you feel? 

Is really hard to be positive during this strange time, but music always makes me dream and always gives me good vibes.

You live in London now – what clubs and destinations etc have really influenced you while in the capital?
London gave me a lot of good sensation and Influenced, Oval Space is one of my favorite clubs during my first year here in London I used to go there most weekends, another club that gave me great vibes is the pickle factory a one of a kind club, every time i enter it feels like flying to berlin a second.

A place that influences my sound so much is Hackney Wick. I have always lived in East London (Hackney Area) and I think it’s the right place for a musician.

Tell us a bit about growing up in Italy – what DJs and producers had a major influence on you then? 

I was born and raised near Naples, many artists have influenced my path starting from Lucio Battisti up to Four Tet. I think Bibio is the artist who influenced and still influences my productions, he is a genius for me. Check him out if you don’t know him!

Has this year and more time at home been productive and creative for you?

Yeah it was hard to find the right vibes, during the first lockdown but after a while I started to feel a good sensation. 2016, La Magia Della Noia and my debut album (as Tia-Mellow), Memories, have all been created during this period. So a really fruitful period for me for sure!

Have you learnt new skills, connected with new sounds, found new inspirations at all?

Well, I actually study music and sound design, and I have learned a lot of new skills this year, especially the mixing part, which gave me a new perspective of my sound. I’m always learning!

Why do this new alias anonymously? What is the thinking behind that? Because I have another project which is more tech house and techno-focused, so I like being able to split the two projects. That’s it!

As mentioned, you already make music under another alias, how did this new sound come about? Is there a big difference between the two?

Yeah there is a big difference between this is more dark, more ambient with different vibes, the other is more for the dance floor, really another kind of music.

Do you use different machines to make the sounds? Did you need to learn new skills?

I use a lot of machines like Roland TR8S, moog minitaur but during this period i used a lot of the plug in with my computer I find some of them really useful and they give me a unique sound.

Can you tell us a bit about this latest release, 2016? How did you produce it, what was the vibe you were going for etc? 

2016 is an up and down of emotion for me, was the first that I produced after I came back to London from Italy, all the background sound, the ambient part is totally registered in Naples near the Vesuvio vulcan.

Did you always plan to release this track under an alias? 

Yeah I want to grow up with this new alias as much as I can, because this sound is part of me, and I want to share it with the world.

Is it for a different audience, a different time to listen?

Is more for listening and less for dancefloor, is not for different audience, but I would love to do a live and play all the Tia-Mellow discography.

Who or what inspires it, whether that’s another artist, certain emotion, experience? 

I think first of all is London, this city everyday spread to me a lot of good vibes and sensation, after artists like Four Tet, Bibio , Caribou.

Aside from music, can you tell us a bit about your inspirations? 

I have always been very sensitive to sound in general, I have always had a passion for recording sounds and voices, since I was a child, in fact I have a childhood memory where using an old director of my father, I recorded my grandfather talking, and thanks to those recordings now we can still remember his voice.

Tell us about the album, what the aim was, how it was writing it, how different it is than writing club music?
This type of music is totally different, the approach and the way of thinking about it is different.

It was not easy to create these tracks, because I had to face obstacles especially in looking for the right sound, but my experience has helped me a lot.

What else you got coming up/are you working on? I started a new album that I would like to release on some big label, let’s see the upcoming news 🙂

Tia-Mellow’s 2016 is out 27/11. Keep up with Tia Mellow on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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