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With the release of their new studio album Sanctuary later this year, Sydney’s Thunder Fox are coming back on to radars with a new sound. It’s a sound that still remains core to the band’s original sonic identity: an effortless blend of pop, soul, R&B and indie, but also dives deep into some great new influences.

From the record, the band shares its first single – ‘Not For Sale’ – a dynamic example of the creative high the band has been on throughout the production and recording of the album as a whole.

‘Not For Sale’, recorded by Thunder Fox in Nambucca Heads, was mixed by Daniel Willington (Iluka, Good Lekker) and mastered by Steve Smart (Tash Sultana) at Sydney’s Studios 301. The song is also an early example of the-new Thunder Fox member Casey Allan’s input on bass. Throughout the entirety of Sanctuary, the listener gets a great grasp on how the creative dynamic between the band members has galvanised; making ‘Not For Sale’ a prime single to lead with.

“‘Not For Sale’ is our introduction to Thunder Fox’s new sound. Casey, being a relatively new addition to the band at the time, brought with him a synth bass and a set of fingers carved by the Gods. Man, he had such a groove on that pile of plastic, the rest of us were floored. We wanted to write something dark, but funky (duh), and bad boy Casey had just the stuff. 

The lyrics here are also self-explanatory: I know I’m not the only one who had it etched into their brain early on, by social media among other sources, that success and happiness is defined by finance, followers and fame. Damn, we were wrong. Sometimes we lose ourselves so immensely to the pursuit of materialistic ends, we forget how ridiculous it all is. I know I did.”
Thunder Fox, Sam Dawes

the East Coast. Their music, taking influences from artists as varied as D’Angelo and Winston Surfshirt, through to Lime Cordiale and Allen Stone, shines with its depth and dedication to the genres it resides in. And at the same time, shows listeners that Thunder Fox is a band who is always thinking ahead to the next new sound.


“Been keeping an eye on this band ‘cos they’re relentless giggers and hit that sweet spot between Winston Surfshirt and Lime Cordiale. Here’s another promising track that’s part social diatribe, part fun funk explosion.”
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe (‘Smokin’ On Loosies’, 2020)

“…sultry sax-iness and funk-drenched…a groove-laden number that is set to get feet churning and hips swaying.”
Scenestr (‘Been Busy’, 2019)

“Their music is fun and bawdy, yet with a sexy sophistication that makes it incredibly appealing.”
Eclectic Music Lover

“…funk-drenched blast of horns, harmonies, humour and bucketloads of Thunder Fox swagger.”
Music Feeds 

‘Not For Sale’ is out now.
SANCTUARY is released Thursday, November 18th.

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