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THE VIOLET WHISPERS is the brainchild of an emerging Sydney based musician, Nikhil Murthy. Since the release of their debut single Heaven Knows, their eclectic and euphoric brand of rock ‘n’ roll has won acclaim & coverage both nationally & internationally. Heaven Knows has been featured on notable outlets such as Happy Mag, The Bridge on FBI Radio, Peripheral Noise (Three D Radio 93.7fm), Music for The Misfits, Queen City Sounds and Art & Backbeat Podcast. 

“The track is a dynamic slice of music that refuses to be categorised by any one genre. We’ve had the track spinning on repeat ever since we first laid ears on it” – Happy Mag 

‘Heaven Knows’ is a mix of several genres and is an upbeat, fast-paced alternative pop track infused with a dose of synths. There are more hooks than I can count which leaves this a single that sounds like it’s multiple.” – Music for the Misfits 

“That sounds beautiful” – Ashlea Jaye (Peripheral.Noise) 

“Such a huge mix of genres! Seems like this one matched them all perfectly together” – DROVES (Band) 

“Blend of acoustic instruments and synth feels like a bridge between current indie pop and music of They Might Be Giants from the 1980s “- Queen City Sounds and Art 

Hot on the heels of this success comes the announcement of their fiery & explosive new single, Roads in Paris. An energetic call to action to fight for a better political & personal future for all of us. This potent message is set to the diverse mixture of folk, Coltrane-like saxophone, psychedelia guitar textures, rockin’ electronic beats, house inspired pianos & a powerful vocal performance that is sure to cause a stir once released on July 31st, 2020. 

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