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THE VIOLET WHISPERS is the brainchild of a rising Sydney Based Non-Binary musician, Nikhil Murthy. Their explosive singles HEAVEN KNOWS & ROADS IN PARIS have been met with wide acclaim & accolades both in nationally & internationally notable outlets such as Amnplify, Good Intent, Happy Mag, Mystic Sons, Eternity Network, The Partae, Hysteria Mag, The Band Next Door on 2ser, The Bridge on FBI Radio, Alyx Plays Punk, Peripheral Noise on Three D Radio 93.7fm), Music for The Misfits & The Backbeat Podcast.

Their intimate & delightful new single FLOATING is a change of pace from the raucous & exuberant sounds of past singles. The fragility & vulnerability in Nikhil’s voice as it soars over folk-laden acoustic guitars, tranquil pianos, subtle electronic soundscapes, soulful grooves & psychedelic guitar flourishes builds to an emotionally climax that we have not been privileged to hear until now.

”This is me at my most honest & raw. This song acts as a diary of a time in my life when I felt so emotionally, physically & spiritually removed from the core of myself that I felt absolutely disillusioned by the world I existed in. Sometimes we need to turn to our loved ones to nurture us back to health & to simply remind us that we are worthy of all the wonderful things in this life.”

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