The Transits Interview

by the partae
Where are you currently based?
We are based in two countries. Tyrone and myself (Dom) live in New Zealand and Ryan is in South Africa. But we are all originally from Durban, South Africa. Being based in two countries has it’s challenges but we’ve worked out a really great process to make it work in a way that’s progressive and fun. Tyrone plays drums. Ryan sings, plays guitar and synth. I also sing and play bass. We have dual singers in The Transits.


How did the band form?
Technically we formed when we were 15 year old high school kids. We were friends first and then one day picked up instruments. At the time in South Africa there were not many young bands. We were heavily influenced by a number of American and English bands. Like The Pixies, Weezer and even Oasis. Back then we played under the band name Cabbage.


Then once we finished school we formed other bands and enjoyed different levels of success through touring and album releases. Eventually we moved apart and then suddenly last year we decided to reform the band but under a new name The Transits. Thankfully technology is so easy now that it makes it possible for us to be a band in the digital world. We feel we’re better than ever.


What’s been happening recently?
Since reforming last year we’ve been very busy growing a following of new fans, writing and recording new songs, creating content and visuals to promote our band. We came from the era where album covers and strong visuals often introduced fans to an artist. These days everything is saturated and disposable. So we’re trying to bring back the joy in music discovery.


Your latest single ‘Fall Into Dark’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?
Fall into dark is filled with a haunting atmosphere which is balanced with a melodic vocal, driving guitars and pulsating drums. The juxtaposition between light and dark is always a big component of our sound, which is often represented from verse to chorus. We can’t have one without the other.


Fall into dark grapples with hope and despair. The contrast of absolute despair and light at the end of the tunnel is a powerful one. It can be a feeling of being in the darkest of times, when you feel like all is lost, and yet there is still a glimmer of hope, equally a feeling of knowing that even though things are bad right now, they can get better.


How did you go about writing Fall Into Dark?
Ryan wrote the bulk of this song a few years ago. When we reformed he played us a few old demos and this one really jumped out at us. We could wait to add our own parts and see where it went. It had a real filmic vibe which we gravitated too.


Where and when did you record and who did you work with?


We all record our parts in our own mini home studios. Again, thank you technology! Tyrone and I then send our parts to Ryan in South Africa who takes care of all the production, mixing and mastering. We typically have a few songs in production.


How did you approach the recording process?


Before we start recording we talk about the outcome. What’s the vibe or the mood we want from the song. We share voice notes and demos over WhatsApp before we officially start the recording the track. From there Ryan shares the track in different stages and we shape and finesse from there. We all have a shared vision for the band but it’s thanks to Ryan that we can write and record this way.


Please tell us about your upcoming album:


Our debut full length album comes out in February. A summer release. It includes a few of our current singles but also quite a few other brand new songs which we are currently writing. All the songs lean into our blend of rock, punk, indie and synth pop. Lots of big anthemic feel good tunes with some dark edging.


Who are you listening to at the moment?
Jean Dawson, KennyHoopla, Petey, Beauty School Dropout, Luca Brasi and we’re looking forward to hearing more of the new Blink 182.


What’s planned for the remainder of 2023 going into 2024?


Apart from finishing the album we still have two singles coming out this year. In October we’re releasing a short film/music video for our single LOST ONES. Both the song and film are a Halloween horror release. The video is set in the 1980’s and is influenced by two of our favourite movies of the decade. The cult Hollywood skateboard film ‘Thrashin’ and The Lost boys.


Follow us on Instagram and our other social channels to stay tuned for more music and releases.


Favourite food and place to hangout?
For me personally it’s hard to turn down Japanese or Korean cuisine. Hangout wise, we love the beach. We all grew up very close to the ocean, so that’s our special place.

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