The Mess Around Interview

by the partae

Where are you currently based?


What’s been happening recently?

TMA have just smashed out our latest release “want you back” with a party at indi bar.

Your latest single ‘Want You Back’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting? I answered these 4 questions with below.

How did you go about writing ‘Want You Back?

Where did you record and who with?

How did you approach the recording process?

Working out of Perth’s Oracle Studios (Mongol, Arctos), the larrikins headed into the studio to record ‘Want You Back’ with their own drummer Alex Ford. In search of a unique space, The Mess Around headed to a farm owned by Alex Ford’s dad, to record drums in an environment that they could make their own. Keeping production in-house allowed them to flex their creativity even more, with Alex Ford also mixing the track, before it was sent off to be mastered by Simon Struthers (Sly Withers, Something For Kate, Karnivool).

We have all been in that relationship where one person is a tad more obsessed than the other. This song is for the people that realized the moment after a breakup, that slip ups were made, regret sets in and there’s the realization it was a mistake. “Want You Back” is a fun demonstration of showing your love for someone, beginning the romantic chase to portray how much they mean and ultimately get them back in your arms.” The Mess Around

We captured “Want You Back” on the family farm. The peacefulness of the countryside, the rogue sheep being fought off during the day, the fire pit at night with marshmallows and beers all somehow manifested their way into this light hearted yet deep song, as we sat around talking about our previous life experiences good and bad. A few of us were soaking in the scenery thinking “how’s the serenity” when Chris involuntarily came through and decided he would crash Alex’s dads’ farm motorbike. We all freaked but when it turned out he was okay, it become a thing and laughed about it for the rest of the day. In hindsight it was a butterfly effect moment, as without that happening and us retreating to go jam, Chris wouldn’t have written that cheeky little number on guitar, which eventually would eventuate into ‘Want You Back’. The Mess Around.

How would you describe your music?

Sometimes deep and meaningful like our song balance, while other times just party anthems like “Too many tinnies” we like to keep it mostly fun and energetic.

Any shows coming up?

Nexxxxt giggos!

The Bird 17TH JULY

Garbage Fest 21st July @lynottslounge with our boys

Indi Bar 27TH July

Mandurah Sept 9th

What’s planned for the remainder of 2023?

  • TMA are going to record a full EP. We are in discussions with Tristan on executing this with Sumo Studios. Writing/deciding the final songs for this as we speak. EP Launch to follow.
  • Legend Sinead Ohara from Base Management has agreed to be the booking agent for an Australian tour (she has sent her quote and we just need to work out the timing etc)
  • “Too many tinnies” Perth to east coast aussie drinking anthem is to be released (attached) with single launch party to follow.
  • (Our last post on insta has our latest show dates and launch piccys) GarbageFest23 is this week and we are pushing to get more festival slots
  • Shows, shows, shows for the rest of the year

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Varsity Bar .

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