THE MESS AROUND bring the romance in cheeky surf-rock belter ‘WANT YOU BACK’

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Perth’s indie-surf-punk-rockers The Mess Around have taken their melting pot of musical backgrounds and influences, combining them all together on a candle-lit evening to create their new single ‘Want You Back’. Inspired by demonstrations of love & the romantic chase to win back the affections of another when you’ve slipped up, ‘Want You Back’ is a tongue-in-cheek guide to getting them back in your arms. With sonic influences from Dune Rats, Skegg & Beddy Rays, The Mess Around have however constructed their own unique sound, with a rollercoaster of tempos & guitar rhythms to make the 2 minutes, 43 seconds of ‘Want You Back’ feel like a genuinely epic ride. 

Working out of Perth’s Oracle Studios (Mongol, Arctos), the larrikins headed into the studio to record ‘Want You Back’ with their own drummer Alex Ford. In search of a unique space, The Mess Around headed to a farm owned by Alex Ford’s dad, to record drums in an environment that they could make their own. Keeping production in-house allowed them to flex their creativity even more, with Alex Ford also mixing the track, before it was sent off to be mastered by Simon Struthers (Sly Withers, Something For Kate, Karnivool).

We have all been in that relationship where one person is a tad more obsessed than the other. This song is for the people that realized the moment after a breakup, that slip ups were made, regret sets in and there’s the realization it was a mistake. “Want You Back” is a fun demonstration of showing your love for someone, beginning the romantic chase to portray how much they mean and ultimately get them back in your arms.The Mess Around

We captured “Want You Back” on the family farm. The peacefulness of the countryside, the rogue sheep being fought off during the day, the fire pit at night with marshmallows and beers all somehow manifested their way into this light hearted yet deep song, as we sat around talking about our previous life experiences good and bad. A few of us were soaking in the scenery thinking “how’s the serenity” when Chris involuntarily came through and decided he would crash Alex’s dads’ farm motorbike. We all freaked but when it turned out he was okay, it become a thing and laughed about it for the rest of the day. In hindsight it was a butterfly effect moment, as without that happening and us retreating to go jam, Chris wouldn’t have written that cheeky little number on guitar, which eventually would eventuate into ‘Want You Back’. 

The Mess Around

Revered for the good vibes & larrikinism in their live performances, The Mess Around will be launching ‘Want You Back’ the only way they know how – with a ripping gig, surrounded by their mates. Hitting the Indian Ocean Hotel in Perth on Friday, June 30th the band will be using it as their first show to perform the track, as well as bringing their new music to fans. Joined by Perth stalwarts The Decline (Pee Records), as well as Grunge Barbie & Helena, the show is sure to be a wild  night to celebrate the next step in The Mess Around’s career.

The happy-go-lucky musicians comprising The Mess Around have managed to skid & tumble their way into hearts across WA. Having been covered by Channel 9 News for their bobsled antics (HERE), the band quickly picked up festival slots on WAMFEST & Blossom Festival, as well as sharing stages with Mitch Santiago, King Blue, Dear Sunday & making fast-friends via Instagram DM’s with The Terrys. With 100k+ streams across DSP’s, placement on Spotify’s ‘All New Rock’ playlist  & praise from triple j’s Dee Salmin, The Mess Around are also being touted by tastemakers Heavy Magazine & AAA Backstage; well on their way to being trailblazers of Australian rock.




Fri June 30th The Indian Ocean Hotel Perth 

w/ The Decline, Grunge Barbie, Solar Juice


“This is very slick! Giving me old school Two Door Cinema vibes. I reckon The Mess Around would be sick live.”

Dee Salmin, triple j

“classic Australian rock vibes, beach themes and some real good time vibes. It has positive flow, rocking guitar work and super fun and uplifting moments over the entire four minutes. This one is certainly going to put a smile on your dial”

AAA Backstage

“tapping guitar melodies brings us emo pop punk realness.  Everything great about being an Aussie – their Labrador-like friendliness and fantastic comedic timing – is included.  It’s loud, proud, and – at times – outrageous but goddamn does it make us smile.”


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