The Meanies unveil ‘Jekyll and Hide’, the second single from new album Desperate Measures

by the partae
The Meanies unveil 'Jekyll and Hide', the second single from new album Desperate Measures

After recently announcing the upcoming release of their first album in five years, Australian punk-rock legends The Meanies have today shared ‘Jekyll and Hide’, the second single from their forthcoming record, Desperate Measures, slated for release on Wednesday 8 July.

Available for pre-order now via Cheersquad Records and TapesDesperate Measures is a 10-track onslaught of hard-hitting Meanies numbers that evoke the classic sounds that cemented the band as an iconic fixture in the annals of Australian music over 25 years ago.

To Meanies frontman Link Meanie, latest single ‘Jekyll and Hide’ depicts a turbulent journey through the shit show of life, while a culture of nauseating superficiality parades on past.

“‘Jekyll and Hide’ is a story about riding a raft of shoddy construction down the river of life,” says Link.

“The river is a torrent of shit, blood and acid and constantly threatens the raft’s integrity. To rub salt in the wound, Stepford people race past, laughing on their glistening jet skis and spraying you with the foetid contents. The hard wooden planks of the raft’s deck are the enemy of your screaming haemorrhoids. It’s a nice day though.”

Accompanying the track is another suitably-freakish animation by Link, only this time, what started as a spoof of a dated animal-pal adventure story fast transformed into a Lord of the Rings / Monty Python saga.

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