The Growlers / Star Crawlers – Melbourne – The Croxton 16 January 2020

by the partae
The Growlers

Photography: Nate Hill

Words: Chris Brooks


Starcrawler burst onto the stage at Thornbury’s the Croxton like a feral cat jumping out of a hat, wild and raw.  Mesmerising limbs, long blonde hair framing the occasional glimpse of an intoxicating face and a tall gaunt body that without notice would explode with brute force, a very rare artistic ability that would entrance the audience with the slightest gesture of pure screeching Banshee darkness.

Starcrawler have the ability to take you to the edge and beyond, leaving you with a feeling of what the fuck just happened?! Starcrawler are a mysterious, alluring, sex scuzz rock fuck machine.

Then rolled in the oh so chill The Growlers to a young and hungry ready to party sold out Croxton crowd.  The vibe was wholesome, upbeat with a lot of singalongs.   The Beach Goth kings were in town and everyone in attendance was high on the scent and ready to party the night away.

The Growlers played a sexy, sweaty mix of tracks that spanned across all albums keeping the eager crowd guessing as to what was coming up next.  Singer Brooks Nielson interacted with the crowd keeping the party vibe high and energy levels soaring.  The set was uplifting and the night felt more like a house party than a club show.  All in all it was great show by both unique acts, thanks for a fucking awesome party to everyone who attended, it was definitely a night to remember!!

Photography: Nate Hill

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