The Great Emu War Casualties Want To Take You On An Indie-galactic Journey With Their New Song, ‘Modern Indie Spacecats’

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Previous Support For The Great Emu War Casualties

‘I’m A Yes Man’ Premiered on Triple J

“…a collection of lush, lucid, radiant and utterly delicious cuts of indie goodness your local butcher would be proud to sell.”
[About EP ‘Vanity Project]

“Some sprawling, thickly layered indie rock here from the Melb band.”
(Declan Byrne, Triple J)
[About Single ‘The Australian Parma Crisis’]

“A delicious slice of indie-pop heaven”
(Tone Deaf) 

“Layers of elongated guitars and snappy, quick-paced drums contrast the lead singer’s charmingly deadpan vocals that tell a story of despair and frustration.”
(AAA Backstage)

[About EP ‘Vanity Project]

“This track is like the perfect outfit – it’s got many layers, every aspect compliments each other, and grabs people’s attention.”

4 / 5 Stars (Ash McGregor, Triple J)
[About ‘I’m A Yes Man’]

“Never know where your tracks are going to take me, which is great! They always lead to some transfixing odd-pop places.”

(Steph Hughes, Triple J)
[About Single ‘Tight Enough To Tell’]


With their loudest and most rollicking release so far, Melbourne/Naarm based band The Great Emu War Casualties have shot straight for the moon with indie-rock rager, ‘Modern Indie Spacecats’, set to disrupt the airwaves from July 15.

If the band’s name wasn’t enough of a hook, the Australian indie-rock / alt-pop / art-rockers will certainly cause a stir with their sound. The Great Emu War Casualties have been busy as usual, and this is their third single release for the year following ‘Dow Jones’ and ‘Where4@thou Romeo’.

‘Modern Indie Spacecats’ is an aptly titled song that gallops forward and propels you headfirst into its rocking rhythm with some impressively stomp-worthy drumming – it’s an indie-galactic journey, and it truly leaves no earth-dweller behind.

Channelling the boisterous energy and restless alt-rock angst of early Foals albums, this is a track full of ambition and drama. Fans of Bombay Bicycle Club, Everything Everything and Gengahr will also feel at home here. The sheer magnitude of the chorus is just begging to be cranked up to full volume, or better yet – witnessed live. Featuring some sizzling lead guitar, beckoning basslines and attention-grabbing chants, this is a truly stellar piece from the band.

Fuelled by a fiery frustration with the disillusionment of a capitalist society and the struggle to find silver linings, head emu / frontman Joe Jackson explains:

“The world is drying up and everyone is working all the time and nobody actually owns anything anymore, and we, the good little boys and girls, receive this rebrand from ownership to leasing as some sort of utopian global destination.”

Even the dream of space travel has been seized by the ultra-rich, Jackson continues, “We should have seen this coming from the very first day it was possible to “buy a star” and put your own stupid name on it. So where is our place in all of this? Maybe we are all the Modern Indie Spacecats.”

Previous releases from The Great Emu War Casualties have seen support from Triple J, Tone DeafLife Without Andy, theMusicAAA BackstageForte MagScenestrThe Soundcheck ReviewAustralian Musician3RRRRadio Adelaide4ZZZ and more.

Get ready to experience this indie-rock rager when it’s set to jet into the stratosphere on Friday, July 15.

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