The Della Kit ‘Clarity’ Premiere

by the partae
With the intention to nourish, sooth and empower the voices of her listeners the della kit’s journey started at the age of 16 with healing & curiosity at the core of her artistic work. She is a gifted singer, songwriter, producer, DJ and voice teacher. Improvising and circle singing is how the della kit connects the community through collaboration. Inspired by artists like: Ella Fitzgerald, Jill Scott & Joni Mitchell, the della kit’s music oozes jazz inspired neo soul with evocative stories of healing and self-love.
Born into a lineage of Italian & Jewish Jazz musicians from Boston and New York , then uprooted and raised by hippies amongst the evergreens and mountain beds of British Columbia, Canada. It is through music and nature that the della kit found her sense of belonging.  Raw and dynamic the della kit creates to share reflective, playful and tender inspiration. Her career has taken her all over the world, with many releases and features under her alias “Erica Dee” she has supported artists such as Miguel, Quest Love & Nneka while performing and coaching internationally, while breaking bread and  building family along the way.


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