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Taylor B-W

Describe the significance of the track to you at the time of writing, and now?

When writing Nunchucks in 2019, I immediately knew it was special because I hadn’t written a song like this before.  I was used to writing wistful pop songs that had a number of revisions and drafts, however writing Nunchucks was easy because I was really driven by the percussive beat provided by the composer David Shivaji, so the lyrics just flowed out, without too much thought.  As this was my first delve into pure, fun pop, plus still being one of the most popular songs in my set when I perform live, Nunchucks holds a special place in my heart.

How would you describe the scene you’re currently creating music in – how inspired are you by your peers and the energy in your community when it comes to new music?

I am super inspired by what is coming out of the Australian pop music market at the moment, despite Covid-19 doing its best to thwart creativity and performance.  Perhaps it is because my peers now have the time and energy to create new music, maybe even change direction, and to perhaps re-think what they are doing, that we are already hearing a rejuvenation of sound and performance.

It has been a very difficult time for so many because of lockdowns, venue closures and restrictions, however, Aussie music has still thrived and I am constantly inspired by the energy that artists are putting in, making phat beats and tracks to ensure their listeners don’t miss out on music because it is what we all need.  It’s given me the boost to continue to push through and release more music!

Did you have any stand out influences when putting this track together?

Yes I did! When Shivaji and I first got in contact about writing together he asked me to send him a playlist with songs that I was vibing with at the time, just to get inspiration.  From that playlist, he created a beat mostly inspired by Kimbra’s Top Of The World.

Once we got into the studio to flesh it out together, I started using Billie Eilish’s Bellyache chorus, with that driving bass line, as the main inspiration for the chorus of Nunchucks.

How would you describe your ambition and approach to making music in general now, compared to when you first started? What is your driving intent as an artist?

The funny thing is, I still feel like I’m just starting as my own artist, even though I’ve actually been in the music industry for years.  I guess, when I was first coming out of Uni, making music and songwriting was only a hobby for me – I really wanted to focus on an acting career first – so I thought I had all the time in the world to leisurely pursue music.

As years went on and life happened, my desire for music became stronger so it was only a couple of years ago that I really knuckled down and pursued my music career with a vengeance!  I made the decision to never take my voice and my music for granted again and I have been non-stop since.  I am extremely passionate about this ever-changing music industry and my place in it, especially because indie artists have more control over their own career than ever before.  This industry, as much as it is about the music, it is first and foremost a business.  It is a very different world now and these days artists do everything themselves, plus have to find time to earn a living AND create music.  But my ambition and hunger is even stronger, and I’m growing and learning more about my own artistry and the music biz.  It’s challenging but I thrive in a challenge.

If people are coming to your music for the first time with this song, what’s the impression you hope to leave on them?

I want a first-time listener to be left wanting more! Nunchucks is a short, straight-to-the-point pop song that reflects my fun and sassy personality a lot so I want a potential follower to see and listen to Nunchucks and want to be my friend, soppy as that is… because I certainly want to be theirs!

What are you looking forward to the most in 2021?

Releasing a lot more music!  It’s embarrassing to say that I only released one track early last year, a song called Dreams, and then my poor followers were left in the dark for too long… you know, COVID n’ all.  I mean, sure, I updated my followers constantly through my mailing list and social media, plus I was live streaming weekly for quite a few months, then performing sold out live shows once restrictions began easing, but my online song catalogue was looking pretty bare for 2020.

In saying that, 2020 was a big year for writing and spending time in the studio, and now I have a bunch of songs ready to go that will be released in 2021!  I’ve also just recently signed with online distributor, Believe Music, which has given me the kick-up-the-butt I’ve needed to finally get more music out to my listeners.  So watch this space!

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