TATYANA Signs to Sinderlyn Releases debut single ‘Wild Card’

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TATYANA Signs to Sinderlyn Releases debut single 'Wild Card'

Emerging U.K.-based singer, producer and harpist TATYANA has today shared her stunning debut single and video ‘Wild Card’. Born to Russian and English parents, TATYANA is a new signing to Sinderlyn – sister label to Captured Tracks.

Speaking about ‘Wild Card’TATYANA added “I wrote this song about an imaginary Russian lover I never had. There’s a place in the Russian countryside I used to go to as a kid with a beautiful river and a tiny village. I imagined what it might be like to grow up in a place like that and wanting to break free and go see the rest of the distant, outside world. It’s about first love and believing it will go on forever because you’re bonded by your dreams and your memories.”

In 2018, classically-trained harp player TATYANA walked into an underground rave in London. Thrilled by the sense of community that drove the party, she made it a goal to play her own music in this kind of environment some day. No surprise, that’s exactly what she did the following year. It’s not the kind of show one might expect an artist with her background to play, but this is how things happen in TATYANA’s world – her moves seem surprising until you realize they’ve made perfect sense all along.

TATYANA lived in Holland, Russia, Singapore, and Boston – where she attended Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship – before settling back in her hometown of London in 2017; the transient nature of her upbringing has certainly informed her music. From underground raves to viral YouTube covers to playing harp on tour with Neneh Cherry, there seems to be no scene that she doesn’t thrive in. Her new music is a multi-faceted product of all of that experience, the kind of precisely produced, impossibly catchy pop that takes other artists entire careers to nail.

It makes sense, considering all of this, that when asked to describe her music, TATYANA picks a color instead of a sound. She chooses the color blue, for the sense of peaceful melancholy that underpins even her most upbeat tracks. It’s not quite sad or happy; like everything with TATYANA, it’s content to sit somewhere in between.



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