Sydney’s SoSo celebrate the release of dynamic debut EP I WOULDN’T CALL THIS SUCCESS…BUT IT’S CLOSE ENOUGH

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Sydney's SoSo celebrate the release of dynamic debut EP I WOULDN'T CALL THIS SUCCESS...BUT IT'S CLOSE ENOUGH

Jam packed with impassioned lyricism and arrangements, delivered with punch and heart – Sydney’s SoSo present their first EP release, I Wouldn’t Call This Success…But It’s Close Enough.

Having introduced themselves to fans last year with single releases in ‘The Henry Lawson Jive’‘Skywriter’, ‘(Shit) Love Story’ and ‘(Shit) Love Story – Unplugged’, the pop punk group were quick off the mark in doling out music that was equal parts intensely personal, but also a lot of fun.

The EP shows the brightness and spirit of the band – there’s something instantly familiar about SoSo, yet very fresh as well. It makes for the perfect first listen.

Featuring their first four singles, as well as their most recent releases ‘Yeah Nah’ and ‘The Great Escape’ in 2021, I Wouldn’t Call This Success… comes as a bundled up presentation of chaotic energy and chest-pounding singalongs, akin to bands like Trophy Eyes, Violent Soho and Luca Brasi.

“We called the EP I Wouldn’t Call This Success…But It’s Close Enough because we’re all in our mid 20’s and ya know what, when you’re younger, I think you really have a warped perception of where you’ll be by your mid 20’s. You think you’ll probably have things way more figured out, more money in the bank, less emotional baggage…you name it.” 

“It’s easy to think you haven’t found success as you’re getting older, because you’re not meeting whatever your (or other people’s) standards of ‘success’. It’s easy for us as musicians to fall into that trap too, especially when we’ve each been in failed bands (except Tahlia, who’s not been subjected to that – and hopefully won’t.) But realistically, we still have the opportunity to make great music, to get involved in some seriously sick creative projects thanks to our friends and ultimately, that might not be deemed success…but it’s close enough, right? “

Recorded at Sydney’s Electric Sun Studios, SoSo worked with producer Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly) as well as James Paul Wisner (Stand Atlantic, Saosin) and Grant Berry to bring I Wouldn’t Call This  Success… to life.



“Bit Trophy Eyes, bit Jimmy Eat World, and a bit bloody good too…”
Triple J, Richard Kingsmill

“You ever meet a band that’s full of Dom Toretto’s? SoSo living their life a quarter mile at a time…”
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe

“These guys have earned that one-to-watch tag…”
Life Without Andy

“Sydney’s SoSo have demonstrated a master handle on their sound indicating there’s plenty more to come from the group…” 
Blunt Mag

With the announcement of the EP, SoSo have also revealed their tour plans for August and September. Taking I Wouldn’t Call The Success… taking to interstate venues for the first time, SoSo are champing at the bit to bring the EP and their new live show to crowds after so long off stage. Hot off the heels of their sold out ‘Yeah Nah’ single tour this year, SoSo got the taste for things and now, are ready to do it all again.

“Does ‘fucking pumped’ count as a useable quote? Okay, how about ‘pretty well excited’. Whatever – you get the gist. We’re stoked, the lineup is absolutely packed and we’re FINALLY going to get interstate. We needed to one-up the whole “sold out debut headlining ‘Yeah Nah’ single tour” which was already a massive accomplishment seeing as we booked and ran the events ourselves (with a little help from some friends).”


Friday 27th August Leadbeater Hotel Melbourne
with Wishful Thinking, Drastic Park
TicketsSaturday 28th August The Rhino Room Adelaide
with Wishful Thinking, Drastic Park

Thursday 2nd September The Basement Canberra
with Wishful Thinking, Drastic Park

Friday 3rd September Oceanview Beach Club Central Coast
with Wishful Thinking, Drastic Park
TicketsSaturday 4th September Manning Bar Sydney
with Wishful Thinking, Drastic Park

Saturday 11th September O’Skulligans Brisbane
with Wishful Thinking, Drastic Park

I Wouldn’t Call This Success..But It’s Close Enough is out now.
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