Sydney’s SARAH YAGKI releases striking new single ‘REWIND’

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Local vocal powerhouse Sarah Yagki returns today with the announcement of her new single, the personal alt-R&B/pop single ‘Rewind’.

The release of the track follows on from a trio of single releases from the Sydney artist; music that has demonstrated Sarah’s matured songwriting talents and the development of her own unique voice.

Unafraid to go deep with her lyricism and match that lyricism with equally as compelling music, Sarah’s new single is her most open and raw offering to date.

Co-produced by Ethan Reginato and Sarah’s longtime collaborator Obseen, ‘Rewind’ centres on a toxic relationship. Sarah approaches the content with vulnerability and sensitivity, though through the music, there’s renewed strength that shines above it all.

“‘Rewind’ is a song about getting so deeply caught in a toxic relationship, that you are stuck rewinding memories and moments that are trapped in a cycle. The process of making this was an extremely personal one, and I wanted to capture – to the best of my ability – a track from my own experiences, and one that others could relate to for such a highly sensitive topic.”
Sarah Yagki

Coming after singles like ‘Can’t Hardly Lie’, ‘Shared Eyes’ and ‘This Won’t Hurt’, a song like ‘Rewind’ fits this wider narrative of growth and development that Sarah has been articulating.

“What I am trying to capture is a sound that is authentic, unique and blends a sense of strength and vulnerability.”
Sarah Yagki



“Her music is simultaneously raw and explorative; it’s rooted in pop, but reaches far wider.”
Happy Magazine

“It’s a warm dose of pure indie pop, opening with some deep but powerful building ballad style vocals with some rich and lush production.”
AAA Backstage

“Emotional vibes on this one from Sarah. It’s put together pretty solidly with a steady-cruising production and some rich and lush production.”
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe

‘Rewind’ is out now. 
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