Sydney soul artist MELITA releases smooth & groove-laden EP ‘HEARTICULATE’

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Photo By: James Tarbotton

Pulling sonic influences from a wide array of sources, Sydney’s Melita has today unveiled her debut EP titled ‘Hearticulate’. With comparisons being drawn to artists including Silk Sonic, Parcels & Tom Misch, Melita’s glossy vocal performance is a highlight across the release, backed strongly by glorious soul, funk and R&B rhythms.  Starting with the swirling ‘Greetings’, the 7-track ‘Hearticulate’ EP then rolls into the title-track, engulfing listeners with Melita’s warm & oh-so-smooth vocals. ‘Delusional’, ‘Crystal Logic’ & ‘Smile’ continue to showcase Melita’s lush vocal range, with ‘Saturn Blues’ picking up the tempo for a funk-inspired number, before rounding out with the climatic and ethereal ‘Hold On To My Mind’.

Inspired by the core memories, moments & realizations of her late teenhood & early adulthood, Melita has created ‘Hearticulate’ as a way to encapsulate and outlay the emotions felt during this coming-of-age period. Written in her bedroom, as an outlet to understand her feelings & ultimately herself, the EP is defined by the songwriting & production skills of herself & her brother Alex Ertler, who grew up on their love for 70s soul, funk & rock. Starting life on her bedroom piano, all of the tracks on ‘Hearticulate’ grew into something bigger when combined with Alex’smusicianship & John Ertler’s  (Renee Geyer, Doug Parkinson, Marty Rhone) mixing & mastering.

“This EP is a collection of songs that navigates through defining moments and realizations during my late teenhood to early adulthood. Themes of confusion, growth and matters of the heart litter these songs which were all written on my bedroom piano and recorded with my brother. I felt that “Hearticulate” was such a perfect term to encapsulate what this debut body of work is to me. I’ve always used songwriting as a tool for self-discovery – a way to sift through complex emotions and reveal illuminating truths.” Melita

“All of these tunes were recorded between my brother and I at our home studios. I’ll usually whip up a guide demo and arrange the parts and then Alex will replace some of the instruments and we collaborate from there. We grew up on the same music and have such a love for 70s soul, funk and rock so it’s always an exciting process creating with someone so in tune with my influences.” Melita

Artwork by: Joella Studio

In celebration of the “Hearticulate’ EP release, Melita will also be performing at Sydney’s iconic The Red Rattler on its release day; Friday, June 16th. Showcasing the EP’s in its full entirety, she will also be joined by a groovin’ & funky collection of supports, with Kosher Groove & Ellen Mara opening the night. The performance will also be Melita’s opportunity to showcase the tracks in a live, full band setting for the first time.

“It will be a guaranteed groovin’ time with jazz house icons Kosher Groove and soul powerhouse Ellen Mara on supports. Get ready to feel the love and hear all the tunes off “Hearticulate” plus more with Melita’s full band.” Melita

Off the back of strong singles in 2022; ‘Delusional’ & ‘Hearticulate’, as well as 2023’s ‘Crystal Logic’,  Melita has become a fixture on the Sydney R&B and soul scene. Those two tracks began capturing attention with crowds and local industry, with Melita now springboarding to national recognition with her debut EP release – it’s impossible not to fall in love with the music on the table!



Fri June 16th The Red Rattler Sydney

w/ Kosher Groove & Ellen Mara


“The high-octane “Crystal Logic”, is a glorious infusion of soul, funk and RnB with a disco twist. “Crystal Logic” glistens and smolders, bringing funky disco vibes. Coupled with a classy and confident production, this track is a clear-cut winner.”

The AU Review

“Melita kicks things up a notch and delivers a single that doubles as not only a beautiful piece of dripped-out soul/funk and R&B, but as a striking statement of intent. Initially channeling slick disco soul, with silky smooth vocals, spacey synths, and rubbery bass, ‘Crystal Logic’ has you floating through the stars, before hitting the hyperdrive thanks to THAT slap bass. Melita vibes effortlessly from RnB to Disco Diva and back again, in a shimmering funk-fuelled dance odyssey.”
The Point Music News

“Melita is creating her own unique style of City Pop. Japanese City Pop was popular in the 80s and Melita is giving the genre a modern twist. Her music is infused with the essence of city pop while blending funk and catchy lyrics. Melita’s music will put you in a good mood and make you want to groove.”

Music Shelf With Mustard

“(Melita) combines the aesthetics of R&B/soul, funk, and yacht rock. So smooth, mellow, and she’s not repackaging other music genres – her energy is expansive and I feel so alive.”

FBi Radio, Kana Frazer

‘Hearticulate’ is released Friday, June 16th

MELITA:  Facebook | Instagram | Triple J Unearthed | TikTok | YouTube

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