Sydney hip hop artist Lanstan debuts new single, ‘Trophy’

by the partae
Sydney hip hop artist Lanstan debuts new single, ‘Trophy’
At only 21 years of age, Sydney’s Lanstan is consistently pushing himself toward wider praise as he weaves a wide range of hip-hop influences with introspective and self-aware songwriting. Today, he unveils his latest project, the bold and ambitious ‘Trophy’.

Following on from ‘Blueprint’ earlier this year, Lanstan has kept the same energy when it comes to his new single: he is an artist who knows what he wants and he’s undeterred when it comes to his strive for success.

Making his debut back in 2017 with viral hit ‘Garn Servo’, Lanstan moved quickly to keep the momentum growing, fleshing out his body of work into 2019 with the release of ‘Dream State’ (produced by Kuren) and ‘Go To  Sleep’. While the vibe of each song differs, what remains the same is Lanstan’s dynamism and enthusiasm for the craft. And it’s the same with ‘Trophy’. “I usually begin writing any song with one standalone melody. I feel like within any instrumental there is only one perfect melody and my first task is always to find it. Once I’ve found it, the rest of the song seems to build itself naturally around it. With ‘Trophy’ I heard the melody instantly and sang it out loud during my first listen of the beat. The entrancingly rhythmic flute and guitars seemed to tell a story of pain and struggle, but at the same time felt victorious.” Lanstan

Throughout his burgeoning career, Lanstan has been open about his journey in exploring different sounds and establishing an identity on track that sets him apart. With ‘Trophy’, he’s introducing himself to newcomers and showing his longtime fans the type of artist he’s flourishing into as 2020 rolls on out.


“Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, 21 year old Lanstan is one of Australian hip-hop’s brightest up and comers.”
Good Call Live

“The melodies in this are hard to deny, it feels bold without being too egotistical…”
Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘Blueprint’, 2020)

“Lanstan has continued to build his brand and loyal following through conceptually immersive projects.”
Black of Hearts

‘Trophy’ is released Friday, September 18th.

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Derek October 19, 2020 - 2:07 pm

Cool stuff! Lanstan is great!


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