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“Built off a foundation of indie rock, the pair of Hudson MacMahon and Alexander Shoesmith aren’t afraid to colour outside the lines, adding elements of ‘crisp indie-pop undertones, surf-rock swells and elements of spaghetti western sauve’ to the mix.”
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With their signature blend of influences and sounds, Super Ghost takes audiences on a winding rollercoaster of emotions in their new triumphant indie-rock track ‘Friendless’ (Out Friday, June 2).

Following an incredible year in 2022 and the success of their debut EP ‘Left For Dust’ in 2021Super Ghost continues to impress with ‘Friendless’. This refined track delves deep into the complex journey individuals face when disconnected from their values and reluctant to admit their need for help. Through its raw and emotive lyrics, ‘Friendless’ tackles the stigma surrounding mental health, shedding light on the challenges that arise when pride prevents seeking assistance.

Lead vocalist Hudson MacMahon shares insight into the song’s inspiration, stating, “‘Friendless’ is a powerful exploration of the emotional journey individuals experience when they disconnect from their own values and struggle to admit their need for help. It confronts the complexity of mental health, addressing the stigma surrounding it and the difficulties that arise when someone is too proud to acknowledge their struggles.”

showcases a captivating sonic journey with its contrasting elements, seamlessly transitioning from mellow and melancholic verses to adrenaline-packed choruses through tempo changes. The track continuously evolves, building anticipation and intensity as it progresses, culminating in an epic rock crescendo. Gracefully drifting away, ‘Friendless’ closes out with the delicate touch of a gentle guitar solo.

This is paired with the song’s twisting melody and poignant lyrics that invite listeners to reflect on their own encounters with mental health challenges and emphasize the importance of seeking support when necessary.

Alexander Shoesmith, reflecting on the song, adds, “‘Friendless’ is our most emotive song to date. It explores the damage that can result from mental breakdowns, particularly in those who are strong, stubborn, and proud. When grappling with personal struggles, it can be tempting to push away loved ones and attribute one’s own shortcomings to others. However, this cycle can be never-ending and exhausting. ‘Friendless’ is a reflection on the aftermath of a collapse, wondering if we can help rebuild without enduring further pain.”

Having secured support slots for prominent acts like Mid City (VIC) and Choosing Sides (SA), the trio has consistently sold out headlining shows at notable venues such as Vinnie’s Dive Bar (Gold Coast)Greaser Bar (Brisbane), and The Bearded Lady (Brisbane). They have also made their mark on the East Coast, performing in Tambourine, the Sunshine Coast, Kingscliff, Byron Bay, and Newcastle.

With the support of the Regional Arts Development Fund in partnership with the Gold Coast City CouncilSuper Ghost continues to deliver their intoxicating fusion of genres and sounds, captivating audiences across the nation.

Join Super Ghost on their journey with ‘Friendless’, available on all streaming platforms now.

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